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SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs for Surfing and Swimming

SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs for Surfing and Swimming

SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs for Surfing and SwimmingSurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs for Surfing and SwimmingSurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs for Surfing and Swimming
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Surfears 2.0 TestimonialsNew Surfears Version 2.0 Has Arrived!

Improved Acoustics - now hear even better than before!
Leash - adjustable and secure, don't drop your earplugs
Better Fit - stays in place better with more contact points
Hydrophobic Coating - HY+ coating actually repels water
Improved Water Seal - a better fit for surfers with advanced Surfer's Ear

SurfEars let sound in while keeping water out, making them an excellent choice for surfing -- and for any other water sports in which you need the ability to hear what's going on around you while preventing swimmer's ear, surfer's ear, and other problems that occur when water enters the ear. Every surfer knows that keeping your ears dry while you surf and swim is critical if you want to keep your ears healthy. SurfEars are designed to stand up to anything you can dish out, with support wings to ensure these ear plugs will hold up -- and keep water out -- even through the most epic wipeouts. With an acoustic mesh layer in the core of each ear plug, your ears will be safe from water, as well as from cold air, dirt, and bacteria.

When you need epic ear protection for surfing, SurfEars has you covered.

SurfEars come with everything you need to make sure you get a good fit and a great seal against water. Their unique design includes a Support Wing and a central Sealing Gel for each ear plug. This allows you to swap out two sizes of Support Wings and mix and match those with the three sizes of Sealing Gel to get an excellent fit. As with all swim and water ear plugs -- and as is especially true for surfing ear plugs -- a great fit is absolutely essential to keeping water out of your ears.

All that said, the SurfEar design also looks really cool when these plugs are in your ears. You can check out exactly how the Support Wings help hold the plugs in place, and the contoured design and icy blue color makes SurfEars look like some sort of high-tech water repellant ear protection gear from the future. And... that's kind of what SurfEars are. Cool.

SurfEars Ear Plugs for Surfing and Swimming package contents:

- One pair of pre-assembled earplugs with Medium sealing gel and Medium Support wings
- One leash with adjuster
- Two sealing gels size small
- Two sealing gels size large
- Two support wings size small
- Free carry case

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