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SportEAR S412PR Select-A-Fit 412 Universal Fit ITE Hunting Hearing Aid (One Pair w/Accessories)

SportEAR S412PR Select-A-Fit 412 Universal Fit ITE Hunting Hearing Aid (One Pair w/Accessories)

This item has been discontinued. Don't panic! Go back to view all Hunting Hearing Aids.

SportEAR Select-A-Fit Universal Fit ITE (In the ear) Hunting Hearing Aids give you a great set of performance features plus the convenience of a semi-custom fit via 5 different sizes of rubberized tips. With SportEAR Select-A-Fit you do not need ear impressions and there is no waiting while a lab makes a custom fitted shell for your ITE hearing aids. Just take them out of the box, insert batteries, select the tips that fit you best and put them in. You are done, ready to hit the range or field with full hearing enhancement and noise protection in one comfortable in-ear device.

All SportEAR Select-A-Fit models include the following features:

  1. Four Digital Channels. These are effectively four separate amplifiers that are programmed to specifically handle low, bass to mid, mid range and high frequencies for remarkable clarity of sound across the whole spectrum.
  2. 12 band equalizer that can be programmed and re-programmed if and when needed. SportEAR will program your instruments based on an audiogram you send them. For information on this service, please call SportEAR at (877) 557-4238.
  3. Four memory push button on each earpiece lets you select any of four pre-programmed settings, giving you the best performance in highly varied noise environments.
  4. 42 dB maximum gain, providing amplification suitable for those with normal to moderately severe hearing loss.
  5. Level 3X (Best) Background Noise Suppressor to help you hear conversations better in noisy places such as restaurants, windy forests and workplaces with a lot of background noises
  6. Level 3X (Best) Whistle Canceller to help reduce the annoying whistle that can occur due to feedback when removing or inserting your earpieces.
  7. Advanced DSP (digital signal processing) for the clearest sound quality available in a modern hearing aid.
  8. AutoBlocker Digital Compression circuitry that instantly protects your hearing against dangerously loud sounds such as gunfire, as well as protecting against continuous noises over 85 dB. AutoBlocker does not just reject the noise, but compresses all the sounds you would hear into a single soundscape so you hear everything, but at a safe maximum volume of 85 dB. AutoBlocker is the primary feature that sets SportEAR Select-A-Fit hunting hearing aids apart from ordinary hearing aids. This means SportEAR Select-A-Fit does double duty, both as a daily wear hearing aid and as a shooter's hearing protector with a noise rating of NRR 22 dB. No ordinary hearing aid can do that.
  9. Water resistant case designed for use in harsh field conditions. The combination of the ITE design and the water resistant case means you don't have to worry about hour hearing aids if you get caught out in the rain.
  10. Wind noise management features including a carefully designed microphone location which helps to keep the microphones out of reach of wind.
  11. Finger tip volume control lets you adjust the volume of each earpiece independently so you can balance your hearing back to better than normal, even if you have hearing loss in one ear and not in the other.
  12. Convenient removal filament that makes it easy to handle your hearing aids when removing and inserting them.
  13. 4-beep low battery warning so your hearing aids will never fail you in the middle of an important conversation.
  14. SportEAR Select-A-Fit are sold in pairs to provide you with both hearing enhancement and hearing protection in both ears. Because you will have a device in each ear and each has an independent volume adjustment, you can easily adjust for differences in your hearing in each ear.
  15. Earpieces are ergonomically shaped to fit virtually all canal shapes and sizes, and the five different sizes of soft rubber tips let you get the canal seal you need for protection from impulse and continuous noise as well as sealing against hearing aid feedback.
  16. One year manufacturer's warranty.
  17. Powered by #10 hearing aid batteries for up to 140 hours of daily use.
  18. What is in the box: Two SportEAR Select-A-Fit ear pieces, Five pairs of rubberized tips, one pair of each of five sizes, earwax removal brush, zippered storage/carry case, pack of 6 batteries and a user manual.

SportEAR Select-A-Fit is Recommended for all the following applications:

  • Shooting practice indoors or out. (Dual protection recommended for indoor shooting.)
  • Hunting
  • Military and police tactical ops
  • All shooting sports
  • Industrial workplaces
  • Home workshops
  • Concerts
  • Daily wear for those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss

Item No: earsafs412huntpr-000