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SportEAR MicroBlast 812 BTE Hunting Hearing Aid (One Pair w/Accessories)

SportEAR MicroBlast 812 BTE Hunting Hearing Aid (One Pair w/Accessories)

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This is the ultimate entry in the SportEAR MicroBlast line of hunter's hearing aids. This is the kind of hunter's hearing aid that hunters, shooters, and even those who don't hunt or shoot can appreciate using on a daily basis. The SportEAR MicroBlast "Open Ear" line of BTE (Behind the Ear) hunter's hearing aids offer cutting edge features that make these devices ideal for both hunting/shooting and for daily usage. Each unit is feather light, with clear and strong Teflon tubing and a clear super comfortable acoustic eartip, so these MicroBlast models practically disappear once you're wearing them. One size fits all, which means you don't have to deal with the custom molding process to get a great hunter's hearing aid. This is absolutely as good as it gets. Best possible field performance. Superb for daily use. An incredible asset for hunters, shooters, and anyone seeking an assistive listening device to wear on a daily basis. The MicroBlast 812 sounds so good, you won't believe it until you can try it for yourself.

Platinum Level
SportEAR MicroBlast Model 812:
  • Eight Digital Channels. This is the clearest, most faithful, delicate and rich sound available from the entire MicroBast line of SportEar products. Best possible field performance. Superb for daily use.
  • Background Noise Suppressor™ Strength: 3x
  • Whistle Canceller™ Strength: 3x
  • Improved, Sonically Welded Water Resistant Case
  • 48+dB Gain Power
  • Advanced Feedback Cancelling and Background Noise Suppression
  • Multi-Program Memory
  • Special Features: Event Data Logging

All SportEAR MicroBlast Models include the Following Features:
  1. Advanced DSP (digital signal processing) for the clearest sound quality available in a modern hearing aid. Gain levels run from 30db all the way up to 48+dB depending on the model.
  2. AutoBlocker Digital Compression circuitry that instantly protects your hearing against dangerously loud sounds such as gunfire, as well as protecting against continuous noises over 85 dB. AutoBlocker actually compresses all the sounds you would hear into a single safe sound scape. That means you keep your situational awareness and hear everything going on around you, but at a safe maximum volume of 85 dB.
  3. Not an ordinary hearing aid. AutoBlocker is the primary feature that sets SportEAR MicroBlast hunting hearing aids apart from ordinary hearing aids. SportEAR MicroBlast does double duty, working as a daily wear hearing aid and as a shooter's hearing protector with a noise reduction rating of NRR 29 dB. No ordinary hearing aid can do that.
  4. Two types of hearing protection make the SportEAR MicroBlast line an excellent hearing protector. The AutoBlocker works to ensure the sound that is amplified into your ears is safe, smooth, and seamless -- while comfortable foam eartips also serve to protect from outside noise via passive background noise blocking.
  5. Water Resistant Casing keeps moisture out for all-weather days. A smooth finish polymer plastic will keep up with any environment, even with extreme heat, cold or precipitation. Note: Models 412 and 418 feature advanced weather resistance with sonically-welded casings.
  6. Whistle Blocking includes wind noise management features such as a carefully designed mic location which helps to keep the microphones out of reach of wind.
  7. Push-button volume control lets you adjust the volume of each earpiece independently, so you can balance your hearing back to better than normal -- even if you have hearing loss in one ear and not in the other.
  8. Open Ear™ design features a thin, clear teflon tube with a clear acoustic tip. The entire unit is feather-light, and the eartip will not give you that muffled feeling.
  9. 4-beep low battery warning so your hearing aids will never suddenly fail you at the range, in the woods, or in the middle of an important conversation.
  10. SportEAR MicroBlast products are sold in pairs to provide you with both hearing enhancement and hearing protection (29dB) in both ears.
  11. Common batteries: Powered by standard #10 hearing aid batteries for up to 140 hours of daily use.
  12. Waranty: Includes one year manufacturer's warranty.

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