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SportEAR Axil Ear Pro Ear Buds with Hearing Protection (NRR 30/22)

SportEAR Axil Ear Pro Ear Buds with Hearing Protection (NRR 30/22)

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SportEAR Axil Ear Pro Features
  • Hearing protection for shooting, working, etc
  • Listen to music, sports, podcasts, etc while keeping your ears safe
  • ABS, Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells
  • Ergonomic SecurFit™ design won't fall out
  • Two types of ear tips: silicone (NRR 22) and foam (NRR 30)
SportEAR Axil Ear Pro Details

Axil Ear Pro Ear Buds provide good quality audio with full hearing protection, allowing you to listen to music, sports, or podcasts in noisy environments, or to communicate via your smart phone. Their sound quality, produced by 6 mm premium dynamic speakers, is as good as earbuds that cost more than twice as much. For workers, these hearing protection ear buds open up the possibility of being able to listen to music in the kind of high-noise workplaces in which hearing protection (usually ear plugs) is required. And being able to listen to your music without all the distracting background noise is a feature everyone can appreciate, especially for shooting, air travel, and the gym. Because the ear tips block outside noise, you'll also be able to hear your music better and more clearly - even at a lower volume.

Full Noise Protection

Designed with hunters and shooters in mind, Ear Pro earphones protect your ears from hazardously loud gun blast noise. The more frequently you fire your weapon, the more important it is to protect your hearing. Noise exposure is cumulative over time, so you have to consider your total exposure - not just how loud a single shot is, but the total amount of gunshots fired, and over how much time - in order to understand the full risk to your hearing. With Ear Pro, you can stay secure and protect your ears from damaging noise exposure, while still enjoying your favorite tunes or talking hands-free on your smart phone.

Innovative and Ergonomic Fit

The Ear Pro uses SportEAR's SecurFit™ Concha Lock to stay in place. This ergonomic design nestles snugly into your ear with an outer wing to help hold the earpiece gently but firmly inside the ear canal. The result is an earbud that stays put, even when you jog, jostle, hike, travel, or run. Combined with the two types of included ear tips, you can get a customized fit from the Ear Pro that will make your ears comfortable, safe, and happy.

Excellent Protection, Excellent Comfort

The two types of ear tips included provide different amounts of noise protection. The silicone tips are NRR 22 and the foam tips are NRR 30. Consider using the silicone tips for air travel, fitness and exercise, stadiums, and other moderately noisy settings to take the edge off of ambient noise. Meanwhile, the foam tips are perfect for shooting, NASCAR, air shows, heavy machinery, power tools, and other extremely noisy places and activities.

Axil Ear Pro Ear Buds are ultra lightweight, sleek, and designed to be rugged enough to stand up to outdoor wear. The ear buds are tiny and low-profile, as well as sweat and water resistant. As light and ergonomic as these ear buds are, wearing them is effortless, even after hours of use.

Ear Pro Package ContentsWhat's in the Box:
  • Ear Pro Ear Buds
  • Instruction Manual
  • Silicone Ear Tips
  • Foam Ear Tips
  • Carry Case

Item No: parearproearbuds-000