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Sorky is now Seals by EQ Surfing Earplugs for Swimming, Surfing and Cold Weather Activities (One Pair W/Case)

Sorky is now Seals by EQ Surfing and Swimming Ear Plugs

Sorky is now Seals by EQ Surfing and Swimming Ear PlugsSorky is now Seals by EQ Surfing and Swimming Ear Plugs
Note: This item has been discontinued. See the new and improved SurfEars 2.0

Sorky Surfing Ear Plugs are now Seals by EQ. Sorky has joined with EQ to produce the finest ear plugs available for surfing and other cold-weather water sports. Seals by EQ have all the same high quality Sorky features you love: 100% waterproof, 100% windproof, optimal breathability, and an ergonomic design.

Seals by EQ (formerly Sorky) Surfing Earplugs are like nothing you have tried before. Designed especially for surfers for the prevention of the debilitating condition known as surfer's ear, Seals by EQ fit comfortably and securely, deep in the canal to prevent entry of cold water and wind, the primary causes of surfer's ear (exostosis). Unlike ordinary earplugs, though, Seals let you hear as though you had nothing in the ear, so you can hear everything going on around you.

Swimmers love Seals by EQ, too! Now you can keep the water out and not miss the sounds blocked by ordinary swimming earplugs. Outdoor enthusiasts can use Seals by EQ to prevent the earaches common with outdoor activies during cold weather including skiing, mountain biking, hiking and mountain climbing.

Yes, Seals/Sorky is expensive. No doubt about that. We import Seals by EQ from France -- because there simply is nothing like it in the USA, and these are the very best earplugs made for Surfers (with the exception of full custom molded earplugs, which cost up to three times the price of Seals by EQ!).

Seals by EQ (formerly Sorky) Surfing and Swimming Earplugs Features and Benefits:
  • A unique membrane that is transparent to sound but 100% stops water and wind completely
  • Fits everyone (12 years of age and over) comfortably and securely
  • Features a soft, flexible multi-flange profile for all-day wear
  • Has a thin, flexible removal stem that causes no irritation even under helmets and caps
  • Includes an insertion tool that lets you place Seals by EQ deeply in the canal, sealing out water and cold
  • Comes with a high-end durable aluminum key chain case with screw top, for safe secure storage of your Seals by EQ earplugs between uses
  • Complete instructions included

    Sorky is now Seals by EQ Surfing and Swimming Ear Plugs
    Item No: cxvsealspr000000-000

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