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SonoLab V5 Instant Fit Custom Molded Ear Plugs (NRR 28)

SonoLab V5 Instant Fit Custom Molded Ear Plugs (NRR 28)

SonoLab V5 Instant Fit Custom Molded Ear Plugs (NRR 28)SonoLab V5 Instant Fit Custom Molded Ear Plugs (NRR 28)
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SonoLab instant fit custom molded ear plugs are the most advanced hearing protection solution ever developed.

Like any custom molded ear plugs, SonoLab V5 ear plugs are made specifically to fit each user's unique ears, but SonoLab custom ear plugs are not like any ordinary custom molded ear plugs. SonoLab V5 instant fit custom molded ear plugs are made using a single use ear plug molding device. Carefully following the included instructions, you put the molding device on your head, seat the ear pieces in your ears, activate the molding device on each side, wait 6 minutes for the material to set up, remove the earplugs from the forming device, snap on the covers, and you are done. Your custom molded ear plugs are immediately ready for use.

How the SonoLab Ear Plug Forming System Works

The technology used by SonoLabs is simple, reliable, and safe.

Two ear plug forming modules are connected to a headband that is used to accurately position the empty ear plug bladders in your ears. The bladders are 100% quality tested to make certain they will not leak during the forming process. Once you have the empty bladders properly seated in your ears, you flip an actuating lever on each forming module. A calibrated spring in each module then presses on the reservoir of medical grade silicone putty, causing the material to flow inside the bladder, causing it to expand until it completely fills your ear canal to a safe depth that is determined by the length of the bladder assembly. Once the bladder has been inflated by the silicone putty to the point that your ear canals are properly and fully sealed, the excess silicone material flows back into the forming module through an exit port. When the spring has been fully extended, your custom ear plugs just need to cure for 5 minutes. Flowing the material into the bladders takes about a minute, so your ear plugs are done in 6 minutes total. During curing, you sit still, with your jaw relaxed and still. No moving or talking, chewing, or singing. Just sit there. Once the ear plugs are cured, you simply remove the headset with the ear plugs attached. Next, you remove the finished ear plugs from the forming modules, snap on the faceplates and you are done. The ear plugs are ready for immediate use. The faceplates also have an attachment point for a removable connecting cord. Toss the single use headband and forming modules in the trash and off you go. Each V5 set comes complete with the headband and forming modules to make one set of finished custom molded ear plugs, a removable neck cord, and a premium carry pouch to keep your custom ear plugs clean and safely at hand between uses.

SonoLab custom ear plugs provide all the following benefits:
  • Perfect custom molded fit for each and every user.
  • No need for ear impressions. SonoLab ear plugs are fitted directly into your ears so there is less chance for fitting or molding errors.
  • Instant fit in just 6 minutes. No more waiting for custom lab molded ear plugs to get back to you.
  • Provides a personal attenuation rating (PAR) is above 30 dB at all frequencies higher than normal speech (2,000 Hz and higher) and around 22 dB attenuation in the range of human speech so you get protection where you need it, and you can hear voices at the same time. (See the data table below.)
  • SonoLab V5 ear plugs are the only custom ear plugs that are directly compatible with the 3M EarFit testing system. That means you can directly measure the PAR for each and every user in your workforce, producing bulletproof documentation of the level of protection your workers are getting. No more guessing about how much protection each user is actually receiving.
  • Low cost compared to ordinary custom molded ear plugs, plus no waiting. You get full custom ear plugs instantly, wherever and whenever you need them.
  • Two year manufacturer warranty. The best warranty in the industry.

SonoLab V5 Custom Ear Plug Attenuation Performance Levels
(based on EN352-2:2002 standard test results)










Attenuation (dB)









What's in the box:
  • SonoLab V5 automatic single use ear plug forming device
  • One pair of SonoLab V5 ear plugs
  • Two snap-on plug caps with removable connecting lanyard
  • Ear plug lubricant
  • Premium carry case
  • Detailed instructions
Who should choose SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Molded Ear Plugs:
  • OSHA regulated workplaces. Ask us for a list of companies that have adopted the SonoLab system.
  • Shooting enthusiasts. Save money and time. Get a top quality custom molded ear plug with a 2-year warranty at a much lower price than lab made plugs.
  • Shooting centers, for your clients. Give your patrons the ability to instantly get a top quality set of custom molded ear plugs immediately, and at a great price. Our discount pricing lets you charge MSRP of $180 for a nice profit.
  • Individuals who want top quality custom molded noise protection for work, hobbies, or home handyman chores, at a great price and with minimal hassle.
  • Landscape crews, arborists, construction workers, and motorcyclists.

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