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Sleep Master SMBLU01 Sleep Mask

Sleep Master SMBLU01 Sleep Mask
Sleep Master SMBLU01 Sleep MaskSleep Master SMBLU01 Sleep Mask
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The Sleep Master Sleep Mask combines wrap-around sound muffling with light blocking. This is a unique, high-quality sleep mask that provides a haven of darkness and quiet so you can sleep better at night, or get much-needed sleep when you travel, vacation, or sleep away from home. Also great for napping and for sleeping in bed while your partner watches TV.

Light Elimination + Noise Muffling make the patented Sleep Master Sleep Mask unique.

Sleep Master is special: in addition to being a sleep mask, it also wraps around to cover your ears and swaddle your head while you sleep. It won't provide the same amount of noise blocking as ear plugs; instead, the Sleep Master simply helps "muffle" outside noises. The big benefit here is that this wrap-around mask is extremely comfortable, especially for side-sleepers. With the Sleep Master Mask, you can get a little relief from noise without trying to deal with ear plugs at all.

You can also combo this great sleep mask with a pair of soft foam ear plugs, if you're seeking even more protection from noise. Sleep Master will help keep the ear plugs in place all night as you move around in your sleep. (Tip: If you're a side-sleeper with particularly sensitive years, you could choose a pair of moldable ear plugs to wear underneath the mask for a super comfortable combination that still blocks out significantly more noise.)

Finally, here's a totally one-of-a-kind "bonus" feature: Sleep Master also helps prevent bedhead by keeping your hairdo in place, even while you toss and turn. So with Sleep Master, you'll wake feeling rested and refreshed -- and one step closer to being ready for the day!

The Sleep Master is all about comfort, and is made from only the highest-quality materials.

Ocean Blue Color. One size fits all.

U.S. Patent Nos. D465,234 S and D668,703 S. Made in the U.S.A.

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