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3M Single-Ended Combat Arms Tactical Military Ear Plugs - Generation 4.1 (NRR 8/21)

3M Single-Ended Combat Arms Tactical Military Ear Plugs - Generation 4.1 (NRR 8/21)

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Combat Arms Earplugs Generation 4.1 - Insertion DiagramsCombat Arms Earplugs Generation 4.1: Dual-Mode Tactical Hearing Protection

3M™ Combat Arms™ Generation 4.1 Ear Plugs are single-ended reusable shooter's ear plugs that offer two modes of protection, toggled by a switch on the external tip of each plug. With single-ended Combat Arms Generation 4.1 earplugs, you can defend your ears against both constant noise and sudden gun blast noise, with hearing protection that allows you to adapt to your environment on the fly.

Combat Arms Gen 4.1 Ear Plugs were designed for tactical combat and military applications.

A convenient corded design makes it easy to hang on to Combat Arms Ear Plugs between uses, and the design's neutral colors keep these ear defenders unobtrusive.

Single-Ended Design, Dual Modes of Protection

Combat Arms single-ended ear plugs offer two modes of hearing protection, giving you the power to adjust the noise-blocking your ear plugs provide on the go, with the touch of a finger. It is not necessary to remove the plugs from your ears to change modes: a simple rocker switch on the external end of each plug allows for quick and easy toggling. Each side of the switch has a distinct image; press the upper "3M" tab for conventional Closed Mode protection, or press the lower "CAE" tab for clear hearing with protection from impulse noise.

Closed Mode
  • Constant protection from noise
  • Everything will sound quieter
  • Defense against impulse noise
  • NRR 21

Choose Closed Mode for situations in which you need protection or relief from constant background noises, in addition to protection against blast noise. For tasks such as extended shooting, firing at an indoor range, or personal use of power tools, or yard work, this constant passive protection is a familiar and effective defense from any hazardous noise.

Open Mode
  • Hear safe ambient sound clearly
  • Maintain situational awareness
  • Defense against impulse noise
  • NRR 8

Choose Open Mode for situations in which you need to be able to hear ambient noises such as voices, announcements, or prey sound. In this mode, Combat Arms allows you to hear clearly with little interference, preserving your situational awareness. But when a hazardous blast noise occurs, the internal noise filters immediately baffle the sound, keeping your ears protected.

A Secure Fit: Flexible Retainer + Three Sizes

Each Single-Ended Combat Arms Generation 4.1 Ear Plug is fitted with a retainer wing. After inserting the Combat Arms ear plug, the flexible retainer should be gently pushed into the concha, providing stabilizing support for the entire plug. This keeps Combat Arms secure in your ears while you move, shoot, climb, run, and more.

Three sizes of tips come with each pair of Combat Arms Gen 4.1 Earplugs, so you can ensure all users can select a size that will fit well, stay put, and provide the fully-rated Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) these tactical ear plugs can provide. Getting a good fit is absolutely essential to the effectiveness of in-ear hearing protection safety gear.

Ear Plug Fit Checking

With any ear plug, correct insertion and proper sizing are both necessary to ensure the wearer receives optimum, effective noise blocking. Without the proper seal against noise, your ears remain vulnerable to hazardous noise, including gun blasts. But it can be difficult to know whether your ear plugs are properly seated in your ears.

The "pump test" is a quick way you can check whether your Combat Arms are inserted correctly. First, move the rocker switch to the Closed Mode position. Then, applying gentle pressure with a fingertip, "pump" the plug in and out of the ear canal. If the ear plug is inserted properly, the acoustic seal inside the ear canal will be complete, and the pumping motion will cause a noticeable change in the pressure inside the ear canal that you should be able to feel. If the change is subtle or you cannot detect it at all, the plug has been inserted incorrectly. It may not be inserted deeply enough. Another reason an earplug would fail the pump test is that it is simply too small.

Important: Because Combat Arms create this effective pressure seal inside your ears (as do many other similar ear plugs), it is a good idea to remove the plugs slowly. Wiggle to break the seal. Do not remove by pulling the cord.

Single-Ended Generation 4.1 Combat Arms Tactical Military Ear Plugs3M Single-Ended Combat Arms Generation 4.1 Attenuation Data

3M Combat Arms Generation 4.1 Noise Attenuation

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