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Shooting Glasses

Shooting Glasses
Safety glasses and shooting glasses are commonly used interchangeably. After all, both are designed to intercept fragments flying through the air and keep them from entering the eye. When you are looking for the very best shooting glasses for protection, check to what standards the glasses have been tested. The highest standards refer to ballistic testing. These glasses can cost far more ($100 per pair or more) and the circumstances in which such high level protection is needed are rare, but then again, you only get one chance to save your eyes from calamity... We do not currently offer any shooting glasses that conform to ballistic test standards. Please let us know if you would like us to add them.

Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses

Safety glasses with built-in ear plugs are an excellent and convenient way to take care of two different, important safety concerns. By combining eye protection with hearing protection, safety glasses with ear plugs make it easier to stay safe on the job, at your home workshop, or when shooting at the range or afield.

Walker GSM Sport Shooting Glasses
Walker GSM Sport Shooting Glasses

Walker's Game Ear Sport Shooting Glasses are made of high impact polycarbonate that exceeds ANSI 287.1-2003 impact test requirements. These stylish shooting glasses feature a ratcheting lens pitch adjustment and clearance around the face that lets air flow freely for all day comfort.

QuantityPrice per Item
2-9$5.82Save 17%
10-49$5.37Save 23%
50+$4.65Save 33%
Current Price: $6.98
Walker GSM GWP-RMYGFP Sport Combo Kit (NRR 31) (Earmuffs + Ear Plugs + Glasses)
Walker GSM GWP-RMYGFP Sport Combo Kit (NRR 31) (Earmuffs + Ear Plugs + Glasses)

(NRR 29/31) Walker GSM Sport Combo Kit includes a pair of high grade polycarbonate shooting glasses, a pair of NRR 29, ultra light weight range ear muffs, and a pair of NRR 31 foam ear plugs. The Walker GSM Sport Combo Kit makes it simple and easy to stay safe at the range.

QuantityPrice per Item
2-9$19.92Save 17%
10-49$18.38Save 23%
50+$15.93Save 33%
Current Price: $23.90
Mack's Shooters Double-Up Ultimate Shooting Safety Kit (NRR 34) (Earmuffs + Ear Plugs + Glasses)
Mack's Shooters Double-Up Ultimate Shooting Safety Kit (NRR 34) (Earmuffs + Ear Plugs + Glasses)

(NRR 34) Mack's Shooter's Double-Up Kits contain both soft foam ear plugs and low-profile ear muffs. The dual protection method of wearing ear plugs underneath ear muffs provides heavy-duty hearing protection that is ideal for shooters. Also includes zero-distortion shooting glasses.

QuantityPrice per Item
2-9$23.53Save 7%
10-49$21.96Save 13%
50+$20.59Save 19%
Current Price: $25.34

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