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RxEars Rxi - In-the-Ear Hearing Device - Hearing Amplification
Like Reading Glasses for Your Ears!

RxEars Rxi - In-the-Ear Hearing Device

RxEars Rxi - In-the-Ear Hearing DeviceRxEars Rxi - In-the-Ear Hearing Device
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RxEars Rxi: Hearing Amplification with a Subtle In-Ear Fit and Easy Manual Controls

RxEars Hearing Aids - Like Reading Glasses for your EarsThe RxEars Rxi cancels out background noise and enhances your ability to hear speech clearly, all with an extremely easy-to-use device. The subtle in-ear design is hard to see, so you can improve your hearing and maintain your privacy, as well. It's comfortable and fast and easy to insert and remove - so it's perfect for putting in exactly when you need it, and taking it out when you don't.

What Sets it Apart? What sets the Rxi apart from the rest of the RxEars line are the manual controls, which allow you to quickly and easily control your devices with hassle-free, manual button-touches.

Hear Speech Clearly: Get Reconnected With Your Life

The RxEars Rxi device makes it possible to hear speech clearly again. This can be a literal life-changer for those with even minor hearing loss, because most hearing loss that occurs gradually with age involves losing the higher registers. And that means that the consonant sounds that make words understandable become dulled, and especially when it comes to women and children with higher voices, people can become very hard to understand.

And when you cannot understand your co-workers, friends, and loved ones speaking, you miss out on a lot in life. You might feel left out, depressed, or disconnected. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The Rxi picks up ambient sound via omni-directional microphones, so the sound quality you get while wearing these devices is faithful and complete.

Like Reading Glasses for Your Ears

The RxEars Rxi is the part time solution to help you hear better. Think of it like using a pair of reading glasses: when you need a little boost to your ability to make out speech - with women's and children's voices often being the hardest to hear - the RxEars Rxi is the perfect answer. Pick it up when you need it. Put it away when you don't. It fits easily and perfectly every time.

And in a way, RxEars are even better than reading glasses, because they're very hidden. You can reconnect with hard-to-hear family, without telling the whole world you're wearing a device. Especially if you have short hair, the Rxi is the perfect hidden solution.

Manual Control for Easy Operation

The Rxi is the simplest RxEars device to control, and it's designed to be that way on purpose. There are no complicated digital controls, and no phone apps or external gadgets are required to control or change the settings. Just tap the earpiece twice to change settings, letting you cycle through all four assistive listening modes. If you prefer manual, intuitive, easy-to-remember controls, not fancy bells and whistles, the Rxi is exactly what you need.

A built-in, convenient, automatic low battery warning and a volume indicator make it even easier to use, understand, and control these earpieces.

Extremely Low Profile, Hidden Design

Over 37.5 million adults in the U.S. have some amount of hearing loss, and may benefit from devices like RxEars - so you're not alone. Still, many folks don't want to advertise that they're wearing assistive listening devices to the whole world.

The RxEars Rxi is an entirely in-ear device, which means there's no tubing, and no parts that go over or behind the ear - it's all one tiny device tucked inside, one of the smallest models in the entire RxEars line. The Rxi brings you better privacy and dignity, and it does so with subtlety.

Even if you're not terribly concerned about people seeing your devices - which is great! - you may still appreciate the low-profile, non-obtrusive fit, as well as the extremely lightweight, fatigue-preventing form factor. The Rxi is easy to wear - anywhere.

Choose from black or beige colors for a subtle, near-invisible look. RxEars reports than many people prefer the black color, because it fades away so well into the natural shadows inside the ear.

RxEars Hearing AidsEasy Switching Between Environmental Settings

The Rxi comes with four useful, pre-programmed settings which you can cycle through to find the perfect amount of amplification for you and any given environment or situation.

1 - Standard Mode

2 - Mild Gain and Noise Reduction

3 - Moderate Gain and Noise Reduction

4 - Peak Gain and Noise Reduction

All of these settings come with RxEars' advanced feedback canceller, and their acclaimed background noise canceller, as well. Voices come through clearly via the amplification, while lower-register sounds pass through to your ear for natural hearing. RxEars also eliminates feedback - which, if you've tried listening devices before, you may recognize as a high, irritating whistle. With the RxEars Rxi, all you get is clear, easy-to-listen-to sound.

What's in the Box

The Rxi comes with everything you need - no extra purchases or accessories are required. Each Rxi comes with one device, ear tips/concha locks (in small and medium sizes), 10A batteries (required and included), and a convenient carrying and storage case. Note that though it runs on batteries, the Rxi is not considered a power device.

Comes with one in-ear device. Select the pair option to choose the Rxi for both ears.

Top Quality You Can Trust

RxEars comes oldest USA Hearing Aid Manufacturer specializing in custom in-ear hearing devices, for performance you can trust. The technology previously only available in fully custom-molded earpieces - which require you to go through the custom molding process, and which are often much more expensive - is now at your fingertips with this universal-fit, off-the-shelf model. RxEars backs the entire line of these devices with all its expertise and industry-leading service.

RxEars Rxi - In-the-Ear Hearing Device
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