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RxEars Rx7 - Bluetooth App Remote Controlled Hearing Device - Hearing Amplification Like Reading Glasses for Your Ears!

RxEars Rx7 - Bluetooth App Remote Controlled Hearing Device

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RxEars Rx7: Hearing Amplification Customized via Smart Phone Remote Control

RxEars Hearing Aids The Rx7 from RxEars is the most advanced model in the RxEars line of listening devices, giving you control over your hearing amplification using your smart phone with Bluetooth (available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store). The app lets you customize the sound amplification you receive from these hearing devices to perfectly suit a wide variety of settings and situations, from visiting at home with family, to going out to restaurants, church, or the movies. The Rx7 is perfect for intermittent use - choose your settings and pick it up when you need to hear speech and voices clearly; put it down again when you change activities.

What Sets it Apart?
What sets the Rx7 apart from the rest of the RxEars line is that it provides the most customizable hearing amplification options via the smart phone app. Use your smart phone as a remote control via Bluetooth to fine-tune your device's audio output to suit your environment.

Hear Speech Clearly: Don't Keep Missing Out

Individuals with hearing loss may struggle to maintain their personal relationships. If you find yourself asking "What?" over and over, it can be difficult to feel close to the people you're talking and spending time with. The ability to clearly distinguish speech is part of what keeps us connected to one another, and to our lives. But hearing loss is extremely common, and can pose a real obstacle.

But you don't have to keep missing out. A hearing device can bring back your ability to connect through conversations. The Rx7's omni-directional microphone picks up the sounds around you to amplify them - and 100% digital processing ensures the sound that reaches your ears is clear and detailed.

Built-in adaptive noise control that helps filter out background noise so speech can come through without other distracting, unwanted sounds. And digital speech enhancement circuitry ensures you can hold conversations and hear voices clearly and reliably, even in challenging environments. Advanced whistle block also helps prevent feedback and whistling, so the only sounds RxEars amplifies are the sounds you actually want to hear.

Like Reading Glasses for Your Ears

RxEars Hearing AidsThe RxEars Rx7 the part-time solution to help you hear better. Think of it like using a pair of reading glasses: when you need a little boost to your ability to make out speech, the RxEars Rx7 is the perfect answer. You can have a pre-programmed setting selected and ready to perfectly fit your chosen activity and location. Just pick the Rx7 up when you need it. Put it away when you don't. It fits easily and perfectly every time.

RxEars let you hear the voices that matter the most, and thanks to the Rx7's slim behind-the-ear design, you can do it without telling the whole world you're wearing a listening device, too.

Simple, Subtle Behind-the-Ear Design

The Rx7 device is smooth and streamlined and designed to tuck away just behind the ear. A slim, transparent tube connects the device with the small, flexible earpiece that goes into the ear canal. The look is subtle, and the fit is comfortable. Putting the device in is quick and easy, so you can use it only when you want it throughout the day, just like a pair of reading glasses.

The Rx7's shell features high impact casing for added durability.

4 Default Listening Modes + 20 Customizable Pre-Programmed Environmental Settings

The Rx7 comes with four popular listening programs which can be ordered to your liking, which cover a wide variety of auditory environments right out of the box:

1 - Speech

2 - Noisy / Social

3 - Television

4 - Telephone

Additionally, the Rx7 is programmable via the smart phone app, which lets you choose from and customize the 20 pre-programmed environmental settings this listening device has to offer. This level of customization really allows you to take control of your ability to hear in any environment, so you can hold conversations and understand speech virtually anywhere.

The built-in Telecoil also allows you to tap into signals in movie theaters, churches, and other venues with such sound systems.

What's in the Box

The RxEars Rx7 comes with everything you need to begin using your hearing device immediately, right out of the box. Each Rx7 includes one hearing device, two sizes of patented Ziptips (small and medium), batteries, cleaning string, the thin tube that connects the earpiece to the device, an extra tube for extremely small ears, and a hard case for storage and travel. Uses type 312 batteries (included).

Comes with one in-ear device. Select the pair option to choose the Rx7 for both ears.

RxEars Let You Listen Again

Top Quality You Can Trust

RxEars comes oldest USA Hearing Aid Manufacturer specializing in custom in-ear hearing devices, for performance you can trust. The technology previously only available in fully custom-molded earpieces - which require you to go through the custom molding process, and which are often much more expensive - is now at your fingertips with this universal-fit, off-the-shelf model. RxEars backs the entire line of these devices with all its expertise and industry-leading service.

RxEars Rx7 - Bluetooth App Remote Controlled Hearing Device
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