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RxEars Rx4: Behind-the-Ear Hearing Device with Manual Volume
Like Reading Glasses for Your Ears!

RxEars Rx4 - Behind-the-Ear Hearing Device with Manual Volume

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RxEars Rx4 Hearing Aid - Nearly DisappearsRxEars Rx4: Compact Behind-the-Ear Hearing Amplification with Easy Manual Controls

The RxEars Rx4 is the model in the RxEars line that offers the most traditional hearing aid style fit, with a compact behind-the-ear design that tucks away out of sight and feels extremely comfortable to wear. If you need part-time help hearing conversation or voices, but don't want or need to see an audiologist and pay thousands of dollars for a customized, pre-programmed hearing aid, these RxEars assistive listening devices are perfect for using only when you need them.

What Sets it Apart?
The Rx4 is compatible with tele-coil systems. The most traditional "hearing aid" style device in the RxEars line, with a classic behind-the-ear design and simple manual volume controls. No app is required.

You Can Hear Speech and Voices Clearly Again

Being able to hold conversations and listen to your loved ones' voices is a critical part of maintaining relationships with them. People who suffer from a hearing loss are often far too vulnerable to isolation and even depression, simply because communication can become so difficult when you can't clearly make out words.

The RxEars Rx4 lets you get connected again. Choose to use RxEars for an outing, a meeting, or an afternoon, enabling you to hear the most important voices, and have the conversations that really matter. Omni-directional mics pick up sounds clearly and in high quality, while 16 processing channels and bands ensure the quality of the sound is adjusted properly and makes it all the way to your ears with high fidelity.

The Rx4 is also equipped with a Telecoil, allowing you to listen in on the systems at the movies, auditoriums, theaters, and some telephones. You can hear more with the RxEars Rx4 device - exactly when you need to.

RxEars Rx4 Technical SpecificationsLike Reading Glasses for Your Ears

RxEars assistive listening devices are perfect for complimenting your current lifestyle, when all you really need is the occasional ability to hear speech and voices a little better. Think about reading glasses. You would buy a pair of reading glasses off the rack, without needing to see the eye doctor. You'd just bring them home, keep them nearby, and pick them up to use them whenever you need to see a little better. You just put them right back down when you're done.

That's exactly how it works with RxEars. Get them keep them around, use them to hear a little better when you need to, and put them back down when you're done. If all you need is a little occasional help, there's no need to see an audiologist, have a costly exam, or pay the incredibly steep price for a full-featured hearing aid.

Behind-the-Ear Design: Comfort + Subtlety

The RxEars Rx4 comes in the most popular hearing aid design, the behind-the-ear device. High-impact casing ensures the whole device is rugged and durable. A modern take on the classic, the Rx4 is incredibly tiny and compact, just an inch and a half long! It disappears behind the ear.

Available in beige and black, you can choose a neutral color that will fade away from notice. Those seeing an especially subtle look will be pleased.

Easy Switching Between Environmental Settings

RxEars Hearing AidsThe Rx4 comes with four pre-programmed environmental volume levels that you can easily cycle through to find a good hearing amplification setting for your environment.

1 - Speech

2 - Noisy / Social

3 - Television

4 - Telephone (tele-coil for loop systems or phone systems)

All four modes on the RxEars Rx4 have adaptive noise control. That is, the earpiece actually reacts to background noise to help filter it out, even in difficult and noisy settings such as churches or restaurants. Like all RxEars, the Rx4 offers powerful feedback cancelling and whistle reduction, to keep the quality of the sound you hear high and flawless.

What's in the Box

The Rx4 comes with one device, a slim tube for the left or the right ear, patented Ziptips ear tips (in small and medium sizes), an extra earbud tip for extra small ears, a pack of 312 batteries (required and included), a cleaning tool, and a handy travel case.

Comes with one in-ear device. Select the pair option to choose the Rx4 for both ears.

Top Quality You Can Trust

RxEars comes from the oldest USA Hearing Aid Manufacturer specializing in custom in-ear hearing devices, for performance you can trust. The technology previously only available in fully custom-molded earpieces - which require you to go through the custom molding process, and which are often much more expensive - is now at your fingertips with this universal-fit, off-the-shelf model. RxEars backs the entire line of these devices with all its expertise and industry-leading service.

RxEars Rx4 - Behind-the-Ear Hearing Device with Manual Volume
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