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RunPhones Earphones for Running

RunPhones Earphones for Running

RunPhones Earphones for RunningRunPhones Earphones for Running
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RunPhones Earphones for Running from Acoustic Sheep let you listen to music while you run, walk, or work out. With specially designed thin, padded speakers inside a soft, Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece headband, RunPhones stay snugly in place so you can enjoy music during a wide range of physical activities. The super-soft headband is extremely comfortable, and the sound quality of the speakers is good, making RunPhones the perfect earphones for running, jogging, or a trip to the gym.

Please note that Extra Small and Extra Large sizes are very small and very large, respectively.

There is nothing like music to set the pace and make your exercise more enjoyable -- but regular earbud-style in-ear earphones can be a hassle. The earphones can bounce loose or fall out while you move, forcing you to slow down and put them back in. The extra cords leading to each earbud can get tangled up as you move. And if your earphones don't fit just right, they can begin to hurt your ears after a while, making music-listening during a long run uncomfortable (or even impossible). If these problems sound familiar, RunPhones are the solution for you. The soft headband keeps the speakers in place over your ears even during vigorous activity, so with RunPhones, you can focus on the music without worrying about losing your earphones. The speakers are secure inside the headband, so only a single cord (included) is needed to connect you to your music, which means more freedom of movement and less getting tangled up in wires. And RunPhones' Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece headband wicks away moisture while keeping your music comfortably in place over your ears -- so unlike regular earphones, RunPhones can actually make your physical activities more comfortable!

RunPhones come with a standard headphone plug that is compatible with iPods & MP3 players, iPhones/Androids and other smart phones, CD players, and any other sound source with a standard headphone jack. RunPhones' speakers are removable and the headband is washable, so you can easily get your RunPhones clean after a particularly vigorous workout. Few things can make your exercise fly by like listening to the music you love, and RunPhones may very well be the best earphones for running and other physical activity -- especially in terms of long-lasting comfort and stay-in-place fit!

RunPhones Earphones for Running Overview:

  • Features soft, moisture-wicking Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece headband
  • Padded speakers provide good sound & excellent comfort
  • RunPhones won't fall out during a run, workout, or other physical activity
  • Headband is washable and speakers are removable
  • Compatible with phones, iPods & any other sound source with a standard earphone jack

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