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ReadyMax SoundShield Pro Series Safety Glasses with Ear Plugs - PermaPlug™ (NRR 27)

ReadyMax SoundShield Pro Series Safety Glasses with Ear Plugs - PermaPlug™ (NRR 27)

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ReadyMax SoundShield Pro Series Safety Glasses combine safety glasses and hearing protection into one fashionable safety accessory. The stylish black frames are sleek, modern, and appropriate for use indoors or outdoors. These clear lenses absorb 99% of UV rays, keeping your eyes safe whether you're in your garage or working outside. The lenses are also anti-fog, scratch resistant, and impact resistant polycarbonate, meaning they can keep you safe through the toughest jobs. And with built-in PermaPlug ear plugs that offer NRR 27 protection from noise, you can get your safety gear out of the way in one stylish accessory.

Available with clear lenses only; offers 99% UV protection.

Now Available: Get the ReadyMax Foam Gasket and instantly turn these glasses into professional safety goggles.

Safety Glasses with Ear Plugs: How it Works

ReadyMax SoundShield Pro Series Safety Glasses are intuitive and easy to use. Ear plugs are attached in a protective flip-pod to the end of each arm of the glasses. Simply flip the protective pods open and pull the ear plugs out when you need them; they stay tethered to the glasses, so you won't drop or lose them. When you are finished, a quick-retract slider that lets you retract the ear plugs and snap them back into place. (See the video below for a quick demo!) These ReadyMax Glasses feature PermaPlug™ reusable ear plugs with an NRR of 27dB.

PermaPlug™ Ear Plug Details

PlugsSafety PermaPlug Reusable Ear PlugsPermaPlug™ ear plugs are integrated into this product.

These are reusable triple-flange ear plugs. They feature a hard core for easy insertion and super soft flanges for a very comfortable fit and an effective seal against noise. PermaPlug™ ear plugs may be removed for cleaning or when replacement is needed. PermaPlug™ ear plugs provide NRR 27 protection from noise.

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