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Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold Series Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs (NRR 30)

Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold Series Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs (NRR 30)

Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold Series Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs (NRR 30)Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold Series Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs (NRR 30)
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Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold sets the gold standard for electronic ear muffs for hunters and shooters.

Superior Noise Protection

With NRR 30 protection from sound, Pro Mag Gold ear muffs are ideal for any moderate to high noise environment. The Pro Mag Gold hearing protector features larger, deeper ear cups than many other ear muffs, both electronic and passive. These large ear cups provide top-notch protection from noise and ensure an excellent fit all the way around the ear for an ideal seal against noise. For hunting, range shooting, sport shooting, and more, Pro Mag Gold electronic shooter's ear muffs provide exactly the right amount of hearing protection.

8x Sound Amplification

Pro Ears Gold earmuffs amplify all safe sounds around you by 8x, so you can actually hear better while wearing your hearing protection! The Pro Mag Gold has independent mics and circuit boards on each ear to deliver high quality directional sound (with no unseemly wires to get tangled up in!). Too, Pro Ears' proprietary sound compression technology is a big part of what really sets Pro Ears electronic ear muffs above the rest. Most electronic ear muffs can amplify safe sounds, but those other electronic ear muffs tend to suffer from clipping: the sound cuts in and out, like a cell phone losing reception. Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold ear muffs offer no-clipping sound amplification.

Improved Situational Awareness

Pro Mag Gold Ear Muffs improve your overall safety by allowing you to hear everything that's going on around you - without needing to remove your ear muffs. This situational awareness is key for proper safety, especially while range shooting or hunting with buddies.

Rugged Construction and Professional Comfort

Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold Ear Muffs are designed to be tough and comfortable enough to last for hours of continuous wear. Visco-elastic foams and Pro-Form™ leather make the ear cushions on Pro Mag Gold ear muffs plush (and they feel much better than vinyl or other cheaper materials). The headband is sturdy, it applies just the right amount of clamping force, it is adjustable for a semi-custom fit, and it is also thickly padded for over-the-head comfort. An excellently balanced design helps compensate for the heavier build of these rugged electronic ear muffs.

Audio Input With a standard 3.5mm audio input jack (fits all standard earphones) Pro Mag Gold can be used to listen to music, radio, or any other sound source - iPods, smart phones, etc. With high fidelity stereo sound. Pro Mag Gold ear muffs let you listen to music while protecting your hearing.

Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs Features:
  • Deep ear cups for extreme noise protection
  • Pro Ears Proprietary No-Clipping sound amplification
  • Designed for range shooters, shooting instructors, and hunters
  • 8x amplification of safe sounds - maintain situational awareness
  • Plush, rugged, intelligent construction for comfort
  • Audio input for scanner or music listening
  • Five Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Weight: 13.5 oz
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • NRR 30

Item No: eabgoldmag0000fb-000