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Pro-Ears Extreme Duty Carry Case

Pro-Ears Extreme Duty Carry Case

Pro-Ears Extreme Duty Carry CasePro-Ears Extreme Duty Carry CasePro-Ears Extreme Duty Carry CasePro-Ears Extreme Duty Carry CasePro-Ears Extreme Duty Carry Case
This item has been discontinued. Don't panic. We have many other earmuff carrying solutions right over here.

Protect your expensive gear! Pro-Ears Extreme Duty Carry Case, made by SeaHorse, is watertight, airtight, and dustproof making this the ideal case to protect your valuable electronic shooting ear muffs, with enough extra room to carry spare batteries, game calls, a couple of pistols and several spare clips.

The Pro-Ears Extreme Duty Case is made of rugged high density plastic and features strong, reliable hinges and latches, an o-ring seal, and Accuform Foam interior that lets you choose how you configure your case to perfectly fit your electronic ear muffs and any other gear and/or accessories you choose to carry.

Accuform Foam is a breakthrough design that includes four layers of protection. In the lid is an egg-carton shaped foam pad, in the bottom of the case is a 1/2" thick high density foam layer, and in the middle are two pre-scored 1.75" thick foam layers. The middle layer is scored in 1/2" increments to let you remove exactly the shape and size of hole you need to fit the model of ear muffs you have. The generous size of the case has plenty of room for extra batteries and other accessories as well as a couple of handguns, extra clips, shooting glasses, shooting earplugs, rangefinder, etc.

Keep your gear safe and clean with a Pro-Ears Extreme Duty Carry Case.

Pro-Ears Extreme Duty Carry Case Features and Specifications:

  • Unconditional Lifetime Manufacturer's Guarantee!
  • Watertight, Airtight (It Floats!), Dustproof, Crush Resistant
  • Sturdy Positive Lock Latches and Durable Hinges
  • Strong, Trustworthy Handle
  • Automatic Pressure Relief System
  • Accuform Foam Interior that is completely user-configurable to fit what you want to put into the case
  • Dimensions: 13" x 11" x 6")
  • Weight: 5.2 Pounds
  • Proudly Made in The USA

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