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Pluggerz All-Fit Road Earplugs (NRS 23.1-28.4)

Pluggerz All-Fit Road Earplugs (NRS 23.1-28.4)

Pluggerz All-Fit Road Earplugs (NRS 23.1-28.4)Pluggerz All-Fit Road Earplugs (NRS 23.1-28.4)
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Hearing Protection for Motorcyclists & Drivers

Pluggerz Road earplugs are designed for motorcycle riders, but they are also an excellent solution for race drivers and motorsports fans as well. Between the rumble of your engine as the intensity of the wind noise, even just a few hours on the road can do permanent noise-induced hearing damage. Pluggerz Road Earplugs

Serious riders know that a good motorcycle hearing protector must meet the following standards:

  • Enough noise blocking to cut down on wind noise -- it's not the bike, it's the wind noise that really threatens your ears.
  • Not too much hearing protection -- you need to be able to hear traffic around you.
  • A comfortable fit that won't fatigue your ears even on long rides.
  • A low-profile design that can be worn comfortably under a helmet.
Pluggerz Road earplugs meet all of these standards for an excellent motorcycle earplug, making Pluggerz Road a great choice for anyone who loves the open road.

Comes with a pocket-size storage pouch so you can stow your earplugs safely between uses.

Clean with warm water and soap to get the maximum lifetime out of your Pluggerz reusable earplugs.

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Product Reviews for Pluggerz All-Fit Road Earplugs (NRS 23.1-28.4)

Pluggerz All-Fit Road Earplugs (NRS 23.1-28.4)5StanSeptember 12, 2019These earplugs are excellent. They fit easily and are just the right size so that my helmet doesn't move them around when I put it on. Sound insulation is also very good.
Pluggerz All-Fit Road Earplugs (NRS 23.1-28.4)5DesertDragonMay 18, 2019The Pluggerz Road Earplugs are the easiest to put in and most comfortable to wear under a helmet that I've ever found. They are also easy for me to remove, which I can't say for many of the other types I've worn. The sound attenuation is perfect for motorcycle riding - The wind noise is significantly subdued, but the sounds that are needed to be heard aren't eliminated, which is a very important safety feature. I won't ride without them. Do yourself a favor and protect your hearing without risking your life from driving while deaf. HIGHLY Recommend these.
Pluggerz All-Fit Road Earplugs (NRS 23.1-28.4)4DragoDecember 10, 2018These are By Far The Most Comfortable Extended Use Ear plugs for motorcycle riding! Once installed correctly they block wind noises and filter sharp noises quite well. Have a friend available, with tweezers, to pull the plugs out!! hahaha There isn't an extension tab to grab onto, for removal, and the smallish filter is difficult to grasp. I made some removal strings and now I get them out easily. In Spite of the removal delima, I'm keeping these and I'm going to order some more.
Pluggerz All-Fit Road Earplugs (NRS 23.1-28.4)5Harry DrakeJuly 8, 2018I liked these, they fit well and were very good at reducing noise, both wind and exhaust. The small stem aided in the removal.
Pluggerz All-Fit Road Earplugs (NRS 23.1-28.4)5JerryNovember 10, 2015They are comfortable, washable and reusable. The little case that comes with them is great and will help to keep from losing them.

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