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Pluggerz All-Fit Music Kids Earplugs (SNR 22)

Pluggerz All-Fit Music Kids Earplugs (SNR 22)

Pluggerz All-Fit Music Kids Earplugs (SNR 22)Pluggerz All-Fit Music Kids Earplugs (SNR 22)
Product Number: cpzkidmusic000ea-000Reviews:
Mfg. Part No: 201039

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Pluggerz music ear plugs for kids are a great way for children ages 4-14 to protect their hearing during concerts, band practice, music lessons, and a whole host of other loud activities and events. These are musician's ear plugs that provide protection from noise -- without the sound distortion or that "stuffed up" feeling that regular foam ear plugs can cause. These ear plugs strike a great balance between noise blocking and the ability to hear what is going on around you clearly. Pluggerz Music Kids let your child turn down the volume without losing sound quality, making these ear plugs a really excellent choice for your music-loving child.

Our world has never been noisier! Noise induced hearing loss is permanent, but by teaching your children to protect their hearing early, you can help them avoid years of potential hearing damage.

With Pluggerz Music Kids, you can help your kid form positive hearing safety habits that will pay off for a lifetime.

Pluggerz All-Fit Music Kids Ear Plug Features:
  • Protection from hazardously loud noise
  • Minimal sound distortion, good clarity
  • Wear during practice, performance, or at concerts
  • Talk and listen freely to people around you
  • Comfortable design & smaller size for KIDS
  • Ideal for ages 4-14 years

These ear plugs are comfortable to wear, easy to use, and they come with a handy travel pouch so they won't get lost on the way to school (or music lessons, or band camp...).

Note that Pluggerz Music Kids ear plugs are effectively a smaller version of the regular-sized Pluggerz All-Fit Music Earplugs, which means Pluggerz Music Kids may also be a good choice for adults with smaller ear canals.

Product Reviews for Pluggerz All-Fit Music Kids Earplugs (SNR 22)

Pluggerz All-Fit Music Kids Earplugs (SNR 22)5Carly H.July 7, 2017I bought these for my almost 5 year old son, who dislikes loud noises. They fit well and reduce the sound to a manageable level for him. We also love the perfectly size carrying case!
Pluggerz All-Fit Music Kids Earplugs (SNR 22)5joanneMarch 24, 2016I have tiny ear canals and I cannot find earplugs that will stay in and do the job. These fit! I love music and used these in a small venue with concrete walls.... They work! I could hear all the music and left without any ringing or pain... YAY! Love the case as well... fits into the tiniest concert bag!

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