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Plugfones Performer Gym Earplugs with Music

Plugfones Performer Gym Earplugs with Music

This item has been discontinued. Don't panic - we have a ton of other great Earphones with Hearing Protection to choose from.

Performer Plugfones are high-performance earplugs with music designed especially for use at the gym. NRR 25 hearing protection keeps irritating sounds out, so you don't have to listen to the grinding treadmills or squeaking cycles -- instead, you can just focus on your music. You're already working out hard. Why not get gym earplug earphones that work just as hard as you do?

Plugfones Performer gym earplug earphones can actually keep up with you!

Plugfones are unique in that they provide hearing protection and music listening. But they're also loaded with a ton of other useful features. A long, flexible, but rugged cord means you can adjust your earphone cable so it won't get in the way. A snug and comfortable fit in your ear canals means your earphones won't fall out while you jog, cycle, stair step, and weight lift your way to better health. And reducing noise fatigue is one way to stay healthy and energized during and after your workout.

That stable fit Performer Plugfones provide really is fantastic for the gym and for a wide variety of physical activities. Plugfones Performer earplug earphones even come with two sets of eartips so you can find the best fit:

Silicone Tips:
These are excellent for even the most vigorous physical activities. They seal inside the ear canal to keep sound out, and to create an acoustic seal to dramatically improve the sound quality of these earphones. One set of silicone eartips will last for weeks or even months of frequent usage, requiring only a gentle hand wash in warm water and soap to keep them clean between uses.

Foam Tips:
These eartips are incredibly comfortable, literally conforming to fit the contours of your ear canals. Foam earplugs may be the most popular hearing protectors, and for good reason: they are comfortable, one size fits most, and they are extremely effective at blocking outside noise. Your music gets piped directly into your ear canals for auditory bliss.

When you hit the gym, bring Plugfones Performer with you to optimize your health and enjoyment.

Plugfones Performer Earplugs with Music Features:
  • Double reinforced jack fits most phones, mp3 players, etc
  • Flexible wire casing and generously long cable
  • Super comfort fit and improved sound quality
  • Comes with both silicone and foam eartips
  • Replaceable plug tips
  • 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • NRR 25

Item No: ppfperformer00ea-000