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Plugfones Motorhead Motorcycle Earplugs with Music

Plugfones Motorhead Motorcycle Earplugs with Music

This item has been discontinued. Don't panic! We have a wide selection of other motorcycle ear plugs so you can find a great replacement.

If you own a motorcycle, you know riding is LOUD. You also know that engine noise isn't the problem. Oh, sure, your bike puts out an impressive rumble... but what makes your ears ache after a long trip isn't your bike: it's all that wind noise. The air rushing by creates a serious tunnel of sound that pumps out more dangerous noise than your engine does -- it really is that wind noise, more than anything else, that hurts your ears. And if you want some tunes while you ride, you know trying to listen to music on top of all that sound can be frustrating, to say the least.

Plugfones Motorhead earplugs with music are here to fight back. Just like the name suggests, these motorcycle earplugs have two functions. First, noise protection: NRR 25 noise reduction is enough to seriously cut the wind noise so your ears don't suffer when you ride. On the flip side, NRR 25 protection from noise is not enough to cut you off from the rest of the world; you can still hear traffic noises, alarms, and safety sounds without needing to remove your earplugs. Second, music listening. These earplugs fit very snugly inside the ear canal (with a low profile that won't interfere with most caps, hats, and helmets), which means they won't fall out even at high speed. And while these babies are in your ears, sound is getting shunted directly into your ear canals, for excellent sound quality and clear listening even on the open road.

Down with wind noise! Up with music! Long live Plugfones Motorhead Earplugs with Music.

Plugfones Motorhead Earplugs with Music Features:
  • Double reinforced jack fits most phones, mp3 players, etc
  • Flexible wire casing and generously long cable
  • Super comfort fit and improved sound quality
  • Replaceable plug tips
  • Rugged components and construction
  • 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • NRR 25

Item No: ppfmotorhead00ea-000