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Home > Peltor PowerCom PLUS MT53H7A4610-GN Two-Way Radio Headset (NRR 25)

Peltor PowerCom PLUS MT53H7A4610-GN Two-Way Radio Headset (NRR 25)

Peltor PowerCom PLUS MT53H7A4610-GN Two-Way Radio Headset (NRR 25)

Peltor PowerCom PLUS MT53H7A4610-GN Two-Way Radio Headset (NRR 25)Peltor PowerCom PLUS MT53H7A4610-GN Two-Way Radio Headset (NRR 25)
NOTE: PowerCom Plus has been discontinued by the manufacturer and stock has been depleted. The replacement is the LiteCom Plus, available here. The good news is, LiteCom Plus is not only greatly improved, but it is even less expensive.

Peltor PowerCom Plus 2-Way Communications Electronic Ear Muffs are part of Peltor's family of integrated 2-Way Radio Headsets. These communications headsets are the perfect tool for communicating in high noise environments. Simple to operate and comfortable to wear, these headsets offer numerous features that will improve workplace safety and efficiency.

Peltor PowerCom PLUS Features and Benefits:
  • NRR 25 noise protection (Headband and Neckband models. Hardhat model is rated at NRR 24).
  • Ergonomic and durable headset design with adjustable bands, deep earcups, comfortable ear pads that seal well against ambient noise, and replaceable ear pads for long life.
  • Headband, neckband and hard hat models available to suit any application.
  • Built in 2-way radio with up to 2 mile transmitting range. Maximum transmit power of .15 watts. A Low power transmission mode is also user selectable for sensitive environments and to reduce power consumption when high power is not needed.
  • 22 pre-programmed channels on 462-467 MHz, plus 38 privacy sub-channels for 836 total selectable communications channels.
  • Communicates with any Peltor PowerCom or PowerCom Plus headsets. To communicate, all headsets must be user set to the same channel and sub-channel combination.
  • User Selectable Push-to-talk (PTT) and voice activation (VOX) functions. VOX can be easily turned off in extreme noise situations, where PTT gives the user better control when transmitting.
  • Directional noise canceling electret boom mic with 5 user selectable VOX voice activation sensitivity levels.
  • Ghost voices announce headset settings changes in your ear in your choice of 3 user selectable Languages (English/Spanish/French).
  • Two ear cup microphones listen to the ambient sound, letting you remain fully aware of any sounds in your area, as well as the direction from which they are originating. The volume is user selectable in 5 levels, from off to a maximum of 87 dB, which is safe for up to 2.5 hours of continuous listening per day. Reducing the volume by one step sets maximum volume to 82 dB which is safe for continuous 8 hours of listening.
  • Powered by 2 AA Batteries or rechargeable battery pack (optional)
  • Can be used with your existing 2-way radio with appropriate connecting cable (sold separately)
  • FCC & Industry Canada approved
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Five level user selectable squelch adjustment
  • Auto off in 2 hours if no buttons have been pushed on the headset.

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