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Peltor Kid Quality Headband Style Ear Muffs (Pink Only) (NRR 22)

Peltor Kid Quality Headband Style Ear Muffs (Pink Only) (NRR 22)

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Peltor Kid ear muffs offer high quality features and a moderate price that makes them the best selling ear muffs that will properly fit babies and young children.

NOTE: The package now says "For Ages 13 and Up." Over more than a decade we have been selling these ear muffs to parents who have uniformly told us they work perfectly well for their children as young as 3 weeks (though we generally recommend using them for babies no younger than 3 months of age.) The ear muffs have not changed, but we wanted you to know before you buy them for your child and then see the label recommendation.

Rated at NRR 22, Peltor Kid ear muffs offer protection in noisy situations up to 107dB of continuous noise! This level of sound reduction will let your baby sleep comfortably through concerts, fireworks displays, church music services and many other loud venues. For those times when the noise gets dangerously loud at an event, Peltor Kid ear muffs let you have peace of mind that your child's hearing is protected (we hope you don't forget to protect your own hearing as well!) Finally, you can regain the freedom to take your child with you to the noisy events you love.

Peltor Kid ear muffs are fully adjustable to fit babies well under a year old, up to smaller adults, and the adjustments stay adjusted! Unlike some cheaper ear muffs in which the slide adjustments are loose and do not retain the position you put them in, Peltor Kid ear muffs stay right where you set them, keeping the headband from pressing on the top of the head.

Of particular importance, the clamping force of the Peltor Kid ear muffs strikes just the right balance between tight enough to provide the seal needed for adequate noise protection, and too tight for comfort. Peltor Kid ear muffs provide a nice snug fit that is just right for your child's tender head.

Peltor Kid ear muffs are available in pink.

Peltor Kid ear seals are the right size for young children and babies. The ear seals, made of urethane foam damped with mineral oil and covered in a soft, smooth vinyl, gently form a perfect seal against your child's head.

Peltor Kid Quality Headband Style Ear Muffs Features and Specifications:
  • Noise reduction rating of 22 NRR -- Just right, to give your child adequate noise protection, to be quiet enough to sleep during events, and still let her hear you when you speak to her.
  • Fully Adjustable -- Fits babies well under a year old all the way up to smaller adults, and the adjustments stay where you put them!
  • Ideal clamping force -- Tight enough to provide the necessary seal, but gentle enough for maximum comfort, even on very young children.
  • Soft, effective ear seals -- Perfectly sized for very young children, with a soft, smooth vinyl covering that is gentle to your child's head while providing the acoustic seal needed for effective noise protection.
  • Light Weight -- At just 8 ounces, Peltor Kid Ear Muffs are comfortable enough for the little guys.
  • Proudly Made in the USA!

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