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Peltor Sport Small 97070 Ear Muffs (NRR 22)

Peltor Sport Small 97070 Ear Muffs (NRR 22)

Peltor Sport Small 97070 Ear Muffs (NRR 22)Peltor Sport Small 97070 Ear Muffs (NRR 22)
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Made in the U.S.A.Hearing Protection Ear Muffs for Babies, Youths, and Smaller Adults

Peltor Sport Small ear muffs are made specifically to fit those with smaller heads, and they are fully adjustable, letting them fit a wide range of head sizes, including small adults, teens, and children. Through our experience with thousands of parents who have bought ear muffs for their babies and children, we have learned that these top quality ear muffs are an excellent solution for protecting your baby's and young children's hearing in all sorts of venues: NASCAR, concerts, and all manner of loud situations.

With a padded headband and foam-filled ear cushions, this low-profile ear muff is ultra light weight and very comfortable.

Note: Other than color and markings on the ear muffs, these are identical to the original Peltor Kid ear muffs made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow and her baby, Apple. Drew Brees has also used these for his son!

Black Only - UPC 10078371970700

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