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NPSF™ -- Are you trying to find the best way to fit all the individuals on your team (or just yourself) with custom ear plugs?

What to Try... ...And Why:
Professional Lab-Made Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs are, by far, the most desirable option in hearing protection. Custom ear plugs are easy to use, comfortable, effective, and long lasting, making them a good investment.

All that said, the drawbacks of custom ear plugs include cost, delays, and complexity. Still, we have worked out a pretty good system for delivering custom ear plugs to teams in a way that makes this process easier than it once was. In addition to providing your team with lab-made custom ear plugs, we now have several other options for making custom ear plugs right at your facility, for immediate use by your team members. Below I will provide a brief explanation for each of your options for obtaining custom ear plugs.

First, we provide lab-made custom ear plugs, with all the variations in color, coatings, form factors, features, and warranties you would expect in a full custom product. We offer you a choice of two methods for obtaining the necessary ear impressions: you can purchase our do-it-yourself impression kits and make your own impressions, or you can contract with a local audiologist, or EENT, to visit your facility and make the ear impressions. You then send the impressions to us, each set in a zip bag with the individual's name and option choices. We then have the custom plugs fabricated and return them to you. We offer a 90 day fit guarantee. If any team member finds their earplugs uncomfortable, you simply make a new set of impressions and send them to us along with the bad pair. We make a new set and send them back. These ear plugs are warrantied for one year against defects in workmanship or materials. Our customers tell us these ear plugs are extremely durable, and can last up to ten years or more, though few users manage to keep them that long; the dog eats them, (quite common actually...) or more frequently, they get lost. The medical grade silicone we use, though, is extremely stable and tough, literally never wearing out or getting brittle. With proper care, these ear plugs have an indefinite lifespan. I would suggest, however, that you plan for replacement every one to three years on average, for a person using them daily. Ears change over time, sometimes requiring a new set of ear plugs; job duties change, calling for a different kind of custom ear plug, and so on. In summary, lab-made custom ear plugs offer the best fit, and the greatest durability, but at the highest cost and the most hassle of any custom ear plug option.

Recognizing the inherent complexities and the high cost of lab-made custom ear plugs, we offer several do-it-yourself options as well. Some standout options are described below.

The OCEPS Product Line

We also offer a terrific option in our OCEPS product line. To adopt the OCEPS system does require that you designate someone at your facility to make the ear plugs. We recommend that whoever you choose, get a little instruction from a local audiologist or EENT. Once you have a designated person on site who has learned the simple process, we provide you with all the supplies you need to make custom ear plugs for everyone right at your facility. These are not quite a finished as the lab-made custom ear plugs, but they are every bit as effective and comfortable, and best of all, they cost around $10, and you get them immediately upon completing the molding, which takes about 5-10 minutes. We offer a trial kit and a starter kit if you would like to give OCEPS a try to see if it will meet your needs.

DIY Custom Ear Plugs Finally, we offer a number of additional, low cost, alternatives in the do-it-yourself category, but to be honest, all of these will produce custom ear plugs that are not as consistently well made as will the three options above. That said, our fastest selling custom ear plug kits are those by Radians, and we hear from customers in large organizations, that these work great for them, so they are well worth considering, as they also sell for about $10, and best of all, there is no need to train anyone in making these, as the team members themselves, make their own.
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