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NPSF™ -- Are you trying to protect from noise and still be able to communicate in a loud environment by two-way radio?

What to Try... ...And Why:
3M Peltor Comtac 3M Peltor Comtac is the leading high noise headset used to connect the user to an existing two-way radio. You will need the Comtac headset with a boom mic, your existing two-way radio, and a push to talk adapter cable with the specific connector used to connect to your radio. Comtac also provides level-dependent surround sound so you can hear everything around you as well as your comm traffic, all while remaining fully protected against dangerously loud sounds.
3M Peltor Ora Tac 3M Peltor Ora Tac is an ear plug style high noise two way headset. As with the other devices discussed above, you will need the Ora Tac headset and an adapter cable with the correct connector for your radio. The mic that picks up your voice is located, along with the speaker, in the ear pieces, so with Ora Tac, you do not need a boom mic. This is ideal in situations where you must wear a respirator or other mask and still need to use your two-way radio.
High Noise Listen Only Headset + Your FMRS/GRS Two Way Radio Comtac and Ora Tac are great solutions, but at over $500 per setup, plus the radio, these might not fit the budget for a lot of us. Here is an alternative approach that can work well and costs a lot less: Get an FMRS/GRS two way radio at an outdoor store such as Bass Pro or even Wal Mart. Connect that radio to a headset such as the Howard Leight Sync, a high noise listen only headset, a set of noise blocking in-ear earphones, or even an AM/FM radio headset. As long as the headset has noise protection and a patch cable you can connect to your FMRS or GRS radio, you are set. Now you can hear the radio comm traffic in the headset, while you remain protected from the ambient noise, and to transmit, simply hold the radio close to your mouth so that your voice can be louder than the ambient noise. It is not hands free, it does not give you surround sound (unless you choose a headset that does, such as the Impact Pro), and the voice quality may not be as good, but for lots of situations, including hunting or 4-wheeling, it is an economical alternative. This can also work with many different electronic shooting ear muffs. Just look for a model that has a 3.5mm jack for plugging in an external radio or ipod. Below are some product links to headsets that can work with this system.

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