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NPSF™ -- Are you trying to choose a hearing protector you can provide to the congregants at your church for those who find the services to loud to be comfortable?

What to Try... ...And Why:
Foam Ear Plugs Most people really enjoy the powerful energy of modern worship services, but any change can make some people uncomfortable. Lots of older members of your church, especially, may find your services too loud for their comfort. We have many churches that routinely buy foam ear plugs for their congregants who choose to use them, and we are sure they appreciate your consideration in providing the ear plugs. if you are thinking about providing ear plugs to your congregation, our top pick for this purpose are the Mack's Acoustic Foam ear plugs. These unique sculpted foam ear plugs let you hear much better than do ordinary foam ear plugs, while reducing the volume by about 3/4.

If your budget cannot afford the more expensive Mack's Acoustic Foam, we offer two ordinary foam ear plugs in a more discrete beige color: Got Ears? Natural UF foam ear plugs and E-A-R Classic Beige PVC foam ear plugs.
Ear Muffs and Disposable Ear Muff Covers We are often asked to recommend a passive ear muff for use during church services. We do not recommend using ear muffs for this purpose for several reasons. First, they look pretty dorky. Second, passive ear muffs muffle the high frequencies much more than they do the lower frequencies, resulting in nearly unintelligible voices and muffled music that is little more than the bass line. Finally, ear muffs mash your hair and make your head sweat if you wear them for very long at all.

That said, ear muffs will reduce the sound level and they can be better than nothing for those who simply cannot abide anything in their ears. If you do choose to provide ear muffs to congregants who prefer to use them, we suggest you get the lowest NRR rating and the thinnest profile you can. One model that will let you hear better than most ear muffs that you might consider is the Bilsom C1 Clarity.

Since different people will be sharing the ear muffs, you might also consider providing disposable ear muff covers for greater sanitation.
Ear Muffs for Children and Babies and Disposable Ear Muff Covers When the music and the PA system are loud, their crying babies can force parents to either leave, or suffer the embarrassment from all those irritated glances their way by others in the congregation. Neither is a desirable alternative.

One way to help these harried parents is to provide a few sets of baby ear muffs for use during services. With these in place, the children can doze comfortably through even the loudest portions of your services. Our top pick for baby ear muffs is our own brand My-T-Muffs. These quality ear muffs fold neatly for easy storage in diaper bag or purse, so you have them at hand when you need them.

If you are providing them as loaners, we highly recommend also providing disposable ear muff covers.

Once your parent members see how well the muffs work to calm their babies and toddlers during services, they will want some to keep. You can handle that any way you like, including taking advantage of our quantity discount prices to save them some money, or just point them back to our store where they can order the model they prefer.
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