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NoNoise Music Model 159 Silicone Free Thermoplastic Reusable Ear Plugs with Precise Noise Filtration (SNR 21) (One Pair with Carry Case)

NoNoise Music Model 159 Silicone Free Thermoplastic Reusable Ear Plugs with Precise Noise Filtration (SNR 21) (One Pair with Carry Case)

Product Number: ctt159music000pk-000
Mfg. Part No: NN.3PROM0159

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Hearing protection for musicians and concerts is becoming more popular -- with good reason. Volumes during acoustic performances with drums and bass can easily climb up over 100dB of noise; that's loud enough to begin causing permanent noise induced hearing loss within just five minutes. Clubs are equally punishing. And live amplified music can peak at an incredible 130dB of sound! That much sound can cause immediate hearing damage. You've heard the after effects of this damage yourself, when your ears are ringing the next day after a show. NoNoise Music Ear Plugs are a great solution to this problem.

How Loud is My Music?
Drums/Unamplified Music100dB
Club/Disco 95-105dB
Live Concert (Peak) 130dB
The basic truth here is that protecting your hearing at clubs and concerts will help to protect your hearing now -- which translates into the ability to continue enjoying your favorite music a few years down the road. If you're a musician or a serious fan, you're going to love music your whole life. So treat your ears right, right now!

That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice sound quality to protect your ears. NoNoise Music Ear Plugs are exactingly tuned for true high precision listening. A patented Venturi-shaped sound channel and patented unique ceramic noise filters allow pure and clear listening to music at a safe volume. The triple flange design and hypoallergenic thermoplastic material deliver an excellent seal against noise and a comfortable fit that won't fall out in the mosh pit. With NoNoise Music Earplugs, those truly dangerous noise levels (think: that moment when the whole crowd screams) get "cranked down" so you're clear to relax and enjoy the music, without the ringing ears afterward. Saving your ears has never sounded better.

More NoNoise Music Ear Plug Features:
  • Unique, patented ceramic sound filters for high precision, new-generation sound blocking.
  • Silicone-free with soft, hypoallergenic thermoplastic construction for superb comfort.
  • Patented Venturi shaped sound channel keeps harmful noise out.
  • Hear the music clearly, without the ringing ears the next day.
  • Triple flange design for a comfortable, effective fit.
  • Includes FREE handy and stylish carry case.
  • SNR 21dB

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By Greg
These are very comfortable - I could leave them in for...
May 27, 2016
These are very comfortable - I could leave them in for hours at a time without any fatigue. They have just a bit higher attenuation than some competitors, which was a plus for me. The sound is accurate and balanced. However, the stem is just a bit too short. The act of pulling on the little bit of material I could grab with my fingernails to remove them has destroyed the stem and they are basically falling apart from the back. Lasted 6 months of 5 days a week use.
By Debra P.
I enjoy the comfort of these plugs in...
August 3, 2015
I enjoy the comfort of these plugs in my ear. I have used plugs with less attenuation previously but I needed more. These plugs fill that need without too much added expense.

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