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NoNoise MotorSport Model 160 Silicone Free Thermoplastic Reusable Ear Plugs with Precise Noise Filtration (SNR 21) (One Pair with Carry Case)

NoNoise MotorSport Model 160 Thermoplastic Reusable Ear Plugs (SNR 21) (1 Pair w/ Carry Case)

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Hearing protection for motorcycle riders and motorsports fans is incredibly important; very few other activities expose you to as much sound as riding a motorcycle or sitting in the stands of a NASCAR race. NoNoise Motorsport provides excellent hearing protection for both the race track and the open road, blocking the most dangerous high-volume sounds, but still allowing for communication, conversation, and even intercom use. Unique ceramic filters exactingly fired at over 2,700°C provide precise noise filtration, so you can still enjoy that throaty engine roar without sacrificing your hearing.

Bikers know that the real hearing hazard isn't your engine noise: it's road noise and wind noise that really bring the pain. Wind noise alone averages at about 95dB, which is enough noise to start causing hearing damage after just 15 minutes of exposure. Meanwhile, NASCAR fans get blasted by up to 130dB of sound in the stands, which is more than enough to cause immediate hearing damage. In both cases, this damage usually leads to noise induced hearing loss -- which is permanent.

NoNoise Motorsport Ear Plugs are specifically precision tuned to block the kind of damaging sound bikers and motorsports enthusiasts are most likely to encounter, and they do it without making it impossible to hear safety sounds, alarms, horns and voices. This allows for improved situational awareness, a great safety feature. Kill that wind noise, and take the edge off at the track. With these high precision ear plugs, you don't have to sacrifice enjoyment or clear hearing in order to protect your ears.

More NoNoise Motorsport Ear Plug Features:
  • Unique, patented ceramic sound filters for high precision, new-generation sound blocking.
  • Silicone-free with soft, hypoallergenic thermoplastic construction for superb comfort.
  • Patented Venturi shaped sound channel keeps harmful noise out.
  • Blocks wind noise while preserving situational awareness.
  • Allows normal conversation without that muffled feeling.
  • Triple flange design for a comfortable, effective fit.
  • Includes FREE handy and stylish carry case.
  • SNR 21dB

NoNoise MotorSport Model 160 Thermoplastic Reusable Ear Plugs (SNR 21) (1 Pair w/ Carry Case)
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