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Moldex MX-5 Headband Style Earmuffs (NRR 27)

Moldex MX-5 Headband Style Earmuffs (NRR 27)
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Moldex MX-5 Headband Style Earmuff Features:
  • A sharp, cool design to improve style and compliance
  • Larger ear cushions to fit almost all ears very comfortably
  • Open air cushioned headband for ventilation and cooling
  • Lightweight, rugged, and easy to clean
  • NRR 27 protection from noise
Moldex MX-5 Earmuffs

Moldex MX-5 Earmuffs are a new, "upgraded" earmuff design that is great for workers in a variety of settings and situations. These earmuffs are comfortable, durable, and lightweight, with features to keep the wearer cool and comfortable for hours of use. (For the same great features and benefits with more noise reduction, check out the Moldex MX-6.)

The Cool Factor
It can be difficult to make hearing protection "cool," but the Moldex MX-5 does an admirable job. A sharp, edgy look with appealing colors gives these earmuffs a stylish look. The surface is glossy, which not only makes the earmuffs more attractive, but it also makes the earmuffs easier to clean and maintain between uses. Better-looking hearing protection is better accepted by workers. With a definite (and affordable) "cool factor," the MX-5 can help to increase compliance.

Seriously Upgraded Comfort
Moldex MX-5 Earmuffs feature larger earcups and larger ear cushions, which means almost anyone (even those with larger ears) can wear these ear muffs comfortably. The design is lightweight, for improved freedom of movement and less fatigue for the wearer. This is enabled via a lightweight wire frame which allows these earmuffs to provide proper clamping force, while the ear cups remain adjustable without slipping or losing their position. The headband is cushion-ribbed and features an open-air design to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. The ear cups are also well-cushioned with extra soft, low-pressure foam. Packed with features to keep the ears, neck, and head all comfortable and cool, the Moldex MX-5 is a breeze to wear all shift long.

Hygiene Kits Available
Moldex MX-5 earmuffs are designed to be durable and rugged, as well as easy to clean, providing good NRR 27 protection from hazardous noise, shift after shift. Additionally, Moldex MX-5 hygiene kits are available to help you keep your MX-5's in great shape, even after frequent long-term use. These hygiene kits let you extend the lifetime of your MX-5 earmuffs for a fraction of the price of buying a replacement pair -- an especially attractive option for businesses looking to provide good quality earmuffs for their workers without breaking the bank.

Item No: mnsmldx6120mx5ea-000