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Metrophones SKGB Studio Kans Stereo Isolation Headphones with BlueTooth 4.0 (NRR 29)

Metrophones SKGB Studio Kans Stereo Isolation Headphones with BlueTooth 4.0 (NRR 29)

This item has been discontinued. Find a great replacement on our Drummer Headphones page.

From Metrophones, the drumming headphone experts, comes the Metrophones SKGB: all the epic goodness of Metrophones headphones, but without the Metrophones metronome. If you're a drummer who prefers to play while listening to music rather than a metronome while you play, the Metrophones SKG should be right up your alley. Especially if you love BlueTooth™. And seriously, who doesn't love BlueTooth™?

These are also an excellent choice for music lovers who prefer an over-the-ear headphone for listening to music. With an audio input jack and BlueTooth™ compatibility, you can plug your smart phone, tablet, etc. in and the Metrophones SKGB becomes a stunning set of isolation headphones. 2 speaker design delivers excellent sound.

BlueTooth™ 4.0
Features BlueTooth™ 4.0 compatibility, so you can easily pair these headphones with any sound source -- your smart phone, computer, etc. This gets the wires out of the way and helps preserve your range of motion, without sacrificing on the tech.

Gel Comfort Fit
Metrophones ear pads are composed of special gel filled cushions. This provides a superior seal all the way around the ear, which is necessary for obtaining the very best sound quality possible. These gel cushions also make Metrophones incredibly comfortable, even for long hours of wear.

Protect Yourself From Yourself
As a drummer, you live in a MAXIMUM VOLUME WORLD. Metrophones understands. The same features that make these headphones great for practice and performance also make sure your ears get the protection they need to prevent noise-induced hearing loss and stay sharp -- now, and another thousand jam sessions from now, too.

Metrophones SKGB Headphones Features:
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0 Enabled
  • 29dB Sound Blocking
  • Volume Control
  • Gel Comfort ear pads

Trusted by Travis Barker and professional drummers around the world, Metrophones Headphones are an epic choice for playing live or for recording in the studio, and they seriously rock for use during practice, lessons, or while teaching.

Item No: ebbisoblueskgbea-000