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Metrophones MPDG Digital LCD Headphones

Metrophones MPDG Digital LCD Headphones

Metrophones MPDG Digital LCD HeadphonesMetrophones MPDG Digital LCD HeadphonesMetrophones MPDG Digital LCD Headphones
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These Metrophones MPDG Headphones for drummers offer 29dB isolation from external noises along with a built-in metronome system. This metronome system with switch tempo control features a really cool little LCD display inside one of the ear cups that lets you check your bpm for tight, precise metronome control. An audio input jack also allows these headphones to be used as isolation headphones for high quality music listening.

Metrophones were originally based on the hearing protection devices used by military aircraft personnel; that sound blocking earmuff design got coupled with a built-in metronome and music playing functionality, and the result was Metrophones Headphones for Drummers.

LCD Display
Just check inside the ear cup to see an LCD display showing you the exact setting of the built-in metronome. When using a metronome is part of your daily practice routine, this clever digital LCD readout is a big effort-saver.

Gel Comfort Fit
Metrophones ear pads are composed of special gel filled cushions. This provides a superior seal all the way around the ear, which is necessary for obtaining the very best sound quality possible. These gel cushions also make Metrophones incredibly comfortable, even for long hours of wear. Blocks 29dB of sound.

Superb Music Listening
Use an audio cable to plug in your phone and listen to studio quality sound, whether you're playing along or just enjoying some extremely high-quality music listening.

Protect Yourself From Yourself
As a drummer, you live in a MAXIMUM VOLUME WORLD. Metrophones understands. The same features that make these headphones great for practice and performance also make sure your ears get the protection they need to prevent noise-induced hearing loss and stay sharp -- now, and another thousand jam sessions from now, too.

Metrophones MPDG Headphones Features:
  • 29dB Sound Blocking
  • Built-in Metronome w/ LCD display
  • Range 40-250 bpm
  • Volume on/off switch
  • 2 Separate Speakers
  • Gel Comfort ear pads

Trusted by Travis Barker and professional drummers around the world, Metrophones Headphones are an epic choice for playing live or for recording in the studio, and they seriously rock for use during practice, lessons, or while teaching.

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