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Mack's Shooters Covert Ops Soft Foam Ear Plugs (7 pairs)

Mack's Shooters Covert Ops Soft Foam Ear Plugs (7 pairs)

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Mack's Shooters Covert Ops Earplug Features:
  • Hard-to-spot black color foam ear plugs for shooting
  • Smooth-skinned, advanced, low-pressure foam construction for comfort
  • Protection for shooting, shotgun sports, tactical training, and more
  • Ruggled aluminum case keeps your ear plugs safe on the move
  • NRR 32 protection from noise
Mack's Shooters Covert Ops Putty Earplugs

Mack's Shooters Covert Ops NRR 32 ear plugs provide excellent protection from gunshots and other blast noises, and they also provide the comfort of advanced, low-pressure foam. A smooth skin envelops this state-of-the-art tapered foam ear plug for a low-friction, low-irritation fit. For shooters who prefer a foam ear plug, Mack's Covert Ops are a really excellent choice.

Mack's Covert Ops ear plugs are perfect for anyone seeking an inexpensive and discreet shooter's ear plug. The black color makes these plugs hard to spot, affording you some privacy when it comes to your hearing protection. A rugged and attractive aluminum keychain case is also included, so you can keep a couple pairs of ear plugs ready with you wherever you go. You never know when you might need hearing protection; practice readiness with Mack's Covert Ops.

Ideal for range shooting, shotgun sports, tactical training, and shooting events and competitions. And with their excellent comfort and high noise blocking, these ear plugs are also great for a wide variety of high-noise applications such as NASCAR races or even just blocking out snoring. Note that voices and other safe sounds may be difficult to hear while wearing Mack's Covert Ops ear plugs, so always remain visually aware of your surroundings and use good safety practices while using these (or any other) high-NRR ear plugs during shooting activities.

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