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LectroFan® ASM1007 Digital Fan and White Noise Machine

LectroFan ASM1007 Digital Fan and White Noise Machine

LectroFan ASM1007 Digital Fan and White Noise MachineLectroFan ASM1007 Digital Fan and White Noise MachineLectroFan ASM1007 Digital Fan and White Noise Machine
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LectorFan White Noise Machine Features

LectroFan® Features and Benefits:

  • Twenty digitally produced, non-repeating sounds you can select: Ten fan sounds and ten white noise sounds.
  • High quality Multi-band parametric EQ speaker for realistic sounds at any volume level you choose.
  • Simple controls: Volume up/down, Power on/off, and 60 minute auto off and sound selection rocker buttons.
  • Powered by standard USB power cord. Plug into a laptop, or plug into the wall (adapter plug included).
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LectroFan White Noise Machine Details

LectroFan® Digital Fan and White Noise Machine is like no ordinary white noise machine. With ordinary mechanical white noise machines, you get just one sound, with perhaps one or two different volume levels. With ordinary electronic white noise machines, you get a wider range of sounds, but most are just prerecorded sound loops that play over and over. Especially on inexpensive electronic white noise machines, the looping can become as irritating as the noises you are trying to mask. LectroFan® Digital Fan and White Noise Machine is different. LectroFan® produces the fan sound you love using a digital sound generator instead of recorded sound loops, so there is no repetitive looping to interfere with your deep and restorative sleep.

LectroFan® includes ten different fan sounds so that you can again sleep to the sound of your old favorite, whether a box fan or an oscillating fan you once used, or one of 8 more, without the uncomfortable draft the fan caused. In addition, LectroFan® offers you a choice of 10 different digitally generated white noise sounds you can use if you prefer. All of these sounds are digitally produced with no looped recordings so there are never any sound artifacts that can interfere with your sleep.

LectroFan® is made to do one job; help you sleep by adding a soothing masking sound to your bedroom that will help you sleep more soundly with less waking to noises in the night, so you wake refreshed and ready to meet the new day.

LectroFan® controls are simple and easy to use, including two sound settings; one for fan sounds and one for white noise sounds. Simply press repeatedly to rotate through all ten of each kind of sound and stop when you find the one you want. Adjust the volume with a rocker button. Push repeatedly to increase or decrease the volume, or just hold until you reach the volume level you want. Power the unit on with a button push, or power on with the sleep timer to automatically set the LectroFan® to turn off after 60 minutes.

LectroFan® is small so it fits on any bedside table or shelf, at approximately 4 inches across and 2 inches high. LectroFan® is powered by a USB plug that can be plugged into a laptop or other computer or into the provided wall adapter, which works with 120 as well as 240 volt 50-60 Hz systems (plug adapter may be needed for non-USA electrical systems). With all these power options, LectroFan® is the ideal travel sound machine.

LectroFan ASM1007 Digital Fan and White Noise Machine
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