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Honeywell Howard Leight VeriShield VS135 RFID Headband Earmuff (NRR 30)

Honeywell Howard Leight VeriShield VS135 RFID Headband Earmuff (NRR 30)

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VeriShield 100 Series Ear Muffs - Headband StyleVeriShield 100 Series Ear Muffs: VeriShield VS135 RFID Headband Earmuffs

The line of VeriShield 100 Earmuffs from Honeywell Howard Leight present significant improvements over previous versions of hearing protection ear muffs. With a wider fit-range, ear cups designed to fit larger ears or those with hearing aids, and denser memory foam for enhanced comfort and noise attenuation, VeriShield 100 Earmuffs are more comfortable and effective than ever before. Internal baffles reduce weight, while steel-wire headbands and oil-resistant ear cups ensure these ear defenders stand up to demanding working conditions. These passive (non-electronic) earmuffs fit more users, more comfortably and more effectively, presenting an innovative choice of hearing protection for a broad range of work environments.

The VeriShield VS135 is a headband style noise protection ear muff. Unique to the VeriShield line, this Howard Leight hearing protector comes with an RFID headband.

NRR 30 Canada Class AL.

Model #: VS135
Part #: 1035139-VS

VeriShield 100 Series: VeriShield 130 Models

Ranging from NRR 27 - NRR 30, the VeriShield 130 models in the VeriShield 100 Series all feature the highest protection from noise, as well as the deepest ear cups. These heavy-protection ear defenders are heavier than the other models, but they provide the best noise-blocking, making them ideal for the most extreme high-noise industrial settings. Combine with a pair of regular foam ear plugs worn underneath the earmuffs to capitalize on the dual protection method, for the best and most effective hearing protection workers can get. Both the headband and hard hat models are available in hi-viz yellow.

VeriShield Fits a Wider Range of Users

The Howard Leight VeriShield 100 line of earmuffs is 17% more adjustable than previous designs to fit a much wider range of users. Wider cup openings better fit larger ears, as well as works with more sensitive ears or hearing aids. The cup openings on VeriShield earmuffs are 16% larger than the previous design. Additionally, VeriShield hearing protectors are ABS molded, with an internal baffle design that reduces overall weight, so these better-fitting ear cups come with no increase in weight or user fatigue.

Enhanced Comfort & Fit

The VeriShield 100 Ear Muff Line is designed with advanced comfort in mind. The lightweight headband is generously padded to ensure contact with the wearer's head is never painful or irritating, while still allowing for small, precise adjustments for an ideal fit. Meanwhile, the memory foam ear cushions have been improved for enhanced comfort. The memory foam on the ear cups is both denser and softer, not only providing more effective noise blocking and a better seal around the ear, but also improving comfort as pressure is distributed evenly against the head. The foam cushions and wire headband combine to ensure proper clamping force, preventing uncomfortable squeezing.

Durable, High-Tech Passive Hearing Protection

VeriShield earmuffs employ Air Flow Control Technology to provide optimal noise blocking across all frequencies. This achieved with a high-tech non-woven layer working in conjunction with a baseplate chamber, and the result is next-level noise attenuation.

VeriShield is built to last, with rugged and durable construction. A steel-wire framework resists wear and stands up to long-term use. Hygiene kits allow replacement of ear cushions, greatly extending the lifespan of this PPE. The cups feature an oil-resistant surface to keep them clean in dirty, heavy-use workplaces, and ensure the earmuffs can stand up to repeated cleanings over time.

29 CFR 1910.95 - OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure; S3.19-1974 - Attenuation Test Protocol

Item No: howard-leight-verishield-vs135-earmuff