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Howard Leight by Honeywell VeriPRO® Fit-Testing System

Howard Leight by Honeywell VeriPRO Fit-Testing System

Howard Leight by Honeywell VeriPRO Fit-Testing SystemHoward Leight by Honeywell VeriPRO Fit-Testing System
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Test real earplugs. Get real results.

Howard Leight VeriPRO Ear Plug Fit-Testing SystemHearing protection is essential - but real-world noise attenuation is often less than the published attenuation on a pair of ear plugs. The biggest factor is that the user's skill at properly fitting the ear plugs can vary widely. Some users may be getting a perfect fit... and others may not, remaining vulnerable to noise-induced hearing damage. How do you tell which is which?

Howard Leight's VeriPRO Fit-Testing System solves the problem by providing a way to test the effectiveness of your actual employee's actual ear plugs, in the employee's actual ears. VeriPRO tests out real-world hearing protection performance, so you can tell whether your employees are receiving optimal protection, whether they require additional training in how to fit their ear plugs, or whether they need to try a different kind of ear plug altogether.

A personal approach to Hearing Conservation

VeriPRO measures the Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) for each employee. Two types of testing are available: a complete check, which calculates PAR across five frequencies (250, 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 Hz), and a quick check, which tests one frequency (500 Hz) and is ideal for initial and annual training. Each user's results are stored in the VeriPRO software database and processed into a simple report. The reports show individual PAR data for each ear, along with data on Safe Exposure Level and Protected Exposure Level. These reports can be exported in a variety of file formats for use in external databases for additional analysis.

When PAR results from VeriPRO are revealed, it immediately becomes clear whether an employee requires more help in learning to use hearing protection properly. This creates a golden opportunity for a moment of one-on-one training. Studies have shown that the best and most effective type of training that can be done is this one-on-one personal instruction. If the VeriPRO test shows that an employee needs more training in using ear plugs, you have the opportunity to provide that training on the spot. The VeriPRO software even includes fit training videos to provide step-by-step instruction on how to properly fit all Howard Leight ear plugs.

This immediate fit instruction can lead to a significant improvement in the user's earplug fit and attenuation - easily measurable through another VeriPRO test conducted later on.

VeriPRO at a Glance
  • Software - The VeriPRO software that comes with the system is as simple to use as an ATM. It's easy to install on any PC, and its straightforward interface is readily understandable even for those who aren't regular computer users.
  • Audio Processor - The Audio Processor converts the digitial signal from the VeriPRO software, calibrates it to the headphones, and amplifies the sound. This ensures accurate delivery of VeriPRO signals for reliable testing.
  • Headphones - Designed specifically for the VeriPRO, these patented high-output headphones are audiometricaly optimized and calibrated to the signals used in the VeriPRO test. Can be used to test any ear plug (including earplugs that haven't even been invented yet!).
VeriPRO SystemVeriPRO System - What's in the Box
  • Single Software License
  • Audiometrically Optimized Headphones
  • Audio Processor
  • CD with Software
  • Replacement Ear Cushions
  • Earplug Samples
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Carrying Case
  • Technical Support
Laptop not included.

VeriPRO Software Details

System Requirements
Minimum Requirements 700Mhz CPU, 256MB RAM
Recommended Requirements 1.2Ghz CPU or faster, 512MB RAM
Hard-Disk Space Requirements 800MB
Software Requirements Windows 7 or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit), Microsoft SQL Server Express, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
Regional Support
Languages English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, and Simplified Chinese
Rating Systems NRR (North America), SNR (Europe/Asia), SLC80 (Australia)

With benefits for safety managers and employees alike, the VeriPRO Fit-Testing System is the clear and simple solution for ensuring your employees are actually getting the hearing protection they need.

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Howard Leight by Honeywell VeriPRO Fit-Testing System
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