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Hearos Earplugs Skull Screws Ear Plugs (NRR 30)

Hearos Earplugs Skull Screws Ear Plugs (NRR 30)

Sorry, but Hearos no longer packages the Skull Screws. However, if you still want genuine Skull Screws, we offer exactly the same Skull Screws in industrial packaging, from one pair to boxes of 120 pairs Here and best of all, they are MUCH less expensive!

Skull Screws from Hearos are the first foam ear plugs that were designed around the way people put ear plugs in their ears.

“Skull Screws are the coolest ear plugs we’ve ever done,” said Doug Pick, Founder and CEO of DAP World. “Focus groups were conducted that enabled us to see first hand how people inherently think they should insert ear plugs. We then developed a design that was congruent with their actions. In other words, consumers like to screw ’em in their ears!”

With bright colors and screws drilled into a menacing skull character, the packaging for Hearos Skull Screws is hard to miss. Skull Screws are made of soft, washable and reusable foam tips that are connected to plastic “screw” like stems. A free carrying case keeps the plugs handy and clean when not in use. Skull Screws provide a remarkably high NRR of 30 decibels, making them ideal for concerts, automotive and drag races, motorcycle riding, target practice and just about any high decibel event where hearing protection is a must.

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