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Hearos SoftStar EZ Twist Series 7313 UF No-Roll Foam Ear Plugs - CORDED (NRR 30)

Hearos SoftStar EZ Twist Series 7313 UF No-Roll Foam Ear Plugs - CORDED (NRR 30)

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Hearos SoftStar EZ Twist Series Foam Earplug Features:
  • Cylindrical foam tips with silky smooth foam
  • No-Roll Foam design for quick and effective insertion
  • Improved hygiene - no need to touch the foam
  • Bright orange color with blue stem to assist with compliance
  • NRR 30 protection, suitable for industrial settings
  • Corded for easy tracking and around-the-neck storage betwen uses
Hearos SoftStar EZ Twist Series Corded Ear Plug Details

Award-Winning Hearing Protection!

Hearos SoftStar EZ Twist Series Ear Plugs are a highly effective (NNR 30) hearing protection solution for industry and general high noise environments. Each ear plug features a smooth, cylindrical foam tip with a blue insertion stem. These corded ear plugs are easy to keep track of.

Hearos SoftStar EZ Twist earplugs offer award-winning quality and innovation. Voted Best Product in the healthcare category by Drug Store News/ECRM, these no-roll foam earplugs offer dramatically improved hygiene. The user never needs to touch the foam portion of the ear plug, keeping their ear canals clean and safe. (The handy cord makes removal even cleaner and easier!)

These ear plugs are not only hygienic -- they are also easy to wear correctly. The biggest challenge facing an ear plug user is getting the plugs inserted correctly. Traditional foam ear plugs have to be carefully rolled down into a tight cylinder before insertion, and held in place for a moment while the foam re-expands. Even with training, this can be an issue for workers. The SoftStar EZ Twist is a "hybrid" solution that goes in with a gentle push-and-twist motion, which is not only faster than traditional plug insertion, but also more likely to seat correctly in the ear canal. And because they're so much more likely to fit correctly, Hearos SoftStar EZ Twist plugs are also more likely to provide their full NRR 30 protection from sound. (With traditional roll-down foam ear plugs, protection varies much more with the proficiency of the user.)

Ear Plug Attenuation Data

Hearos SoftStar EZ Twist Ear Plug Attenuation

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