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Home > Got Ears? MD-100 100% Metal Detectable Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 32) (Bag of 100 Pairs)

Got Ears? MD-100 100% Metal Detectable Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 32) (Bag of 100 Pairs)

Got Ears? MD-100 100% Metal Detectable Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 32) (Bag of 100 Pairs)

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100% Metal-Detectable Corded Foam Ear Plugs

Ear Plug Superstore's MD-100 Metal Detectable Foam Ear Plugs are 100% metal detectable, including the cord. With their very high noise reduction rating and their fully 100% detectable plug and cord, the MD-100 is an ideal hearing protection ear plug for food service and any other industry in which metal detectable hearing safety gear is required. These are also absolutely some of the most economically priced detectable ear plugs available.

MD-100 plugs are comfortable and simple to use. The ear plugs themselves are made of super soft slow-recovery foam material, which creates a great seal against noise and provides top-notch comfort for the wearer. These ear plugs are comfortable enough to use for hours, day after day. A smooth skin keeps the plugs feeling silky and non-irritating. Putting MD-100 earplugs in is also easy. Just pinch the plug between your finger and thumb and roll it down into a tight cylinder, then insert it into your ear and hold it in place for a moment as the foam expands to gently fill the ear canal, sealing hazardous noise out.

As with all disposable foam ear plugs, MD-100 ear plugs are designed to be thrown away and replaced after about a day's worth of use. This ensures that the plugs stay soft and clean, and that they will provide their full rated NRR 32 protection from noise. As you insert and remove the ear plugs from your ears periodically throughout the day, the cord keeps them safely dangling around your neck, so keeping track of your plugs isn't a problem.

Each pair of MD-100 detectable ear plugs comes individually wrapped, perfect for passing out at the workplace.

Both the plugs and the cord are 100% metal detectable.

Includes bag of 100 individually-wrapped pairs.

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