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Flents Ear Stopples Ear Plugs Bulk Pack (NRR 22) (Pack of 50 Pairs in Bulk)

Flents Ear Stopples Ear Plugs Bulk Pack (NRR 22) (Pack of 50 Pairs in Bulk)

This item has been discontinued. Don't give up - you can still find a really great replacement Wax and Cotton Ear Plug.

Flents Ear Stopples Ear Plugs are Naturally Hypo-Allergenic, Perfectly Comfortable, and Amazingly Effective!

Flents Ear Stopples, made of naturally hypo-allergenic wax and cotton, are great for studying and sleeping. The wax, softened by contact with your body, gently molds to fit your ears perfectly, making Ear Stopples some of the most comfortable plugs you can buy at any price. The wax is held together by the cotton fibers, which also increase the noise blocking properties of these terrific ear plugs. Tip: For maximum relief from a heavy snorer, combine two plugs at each ear to get the most protection available in a moldable plug.

Available in 6-pair packs, and in 50 pair bulk packs. Bulk packs of 50 pairs are ideal for daily users and for industrial situations; keep in mind that each pair of these bulk plugs do not come individually wrapped.

New Formula Ear Stopples
Flents Ear Stopples have been reformulated (during the Fall of 2012) to be softer and less oily feeling right out of the box. The new version Stopples are also about 20% smaller than the original, so you may need to add part of a second ear plug in each ear to achieve results similar to those achieved with a single plug with the original formula Stopples. Please note also that the new formula contains a very firm center that takes a little more kneading to soften up completely. If you are a long time user of Flents Ear Stopples, these are quite a bit different from those you may be used to.

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