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Flare Audio Flares PRO Wireless Titanium Earphones - Free Shipping!

Flare Audio Flares PRO Wireless Titanium Earphones - Free Shipping!

Flare Audio Flares PRO Wireless Titanium Earphones - Free Shipping!Flare Audio Flares PRO Wireless Titanium Earphones - Free Shipping!Flare Audio Flares PRO Wireless Titanium Earphones - Free Shipping!Flare Audio Flares PRO Wireless Titanium Earphones - Free Shipping!Flare Audio Flares PRO Wireless Titanium Earphones - Free Shipping!
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Listen Again Like it's the First Time

Flares PRO Earphones provide many smart features to achieve one singular goal: to flawlessly deliver exquisitely balanced audio for a superior listening experience. Flares PRO Earphones from Flare Audio employ powerful 5.5mm beryllium drivers that are both rigid and light enough for extremely faithful audio reproduction. Dual Jet and Acoustic Lens technology ensure the delivery is equally accurate. Three types of best-in-class foam ear tips provide a comfortable fit and superb noise isolation, further enhancing the sound quality by blocking out the background noise. And all of this is available in a compact wireless design that can also be used for calling and talk, thanks to powerful Bluetooth® connectivity.

Flares PRO Earphones have been praised as "absolute game changers" by music industry pros, and for good reason. The audio these in-ear earphones produce is so clear, you might actually notice new details in your favorite songs that you simply missed out on before.

Wireless Bluetooth® Connectivity

Flares PRO Earphones are compatible with Bluetooth® v4.1 with APT-X connectivity so they can be synced with your smart phone or other devices, setting you free to enjoy your music without wires to hold you back. The handy control box features buttons for power, volume, play/pause, voice control, and taking calls. The Bluetooth® range extends a generous 15 meters. The earphones charge in about two hours with the included USB to Micro USB cable, and they have a 12-hour play time. Alternatively, a 3.5mm audio cable with a gold connector plug is also included, which can be easily plugged into the DAC for traditional wired listening. With Flares PRO, no mere dead batteries can stand between you and the sound you crave.

Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium Metal Shell

These high quality earbud-style earphones feature a unique titanium shell. This is aerospace grade 5 titanium, which is extremely strong and corrosion-resistant, as well as being quite sleek and attractive. When it comes to style, earphones with plastic shells simply cannot compare. The PRO's top notch metal housing keeps the delicate drivers and other internal electronics inside safe. But the housing also has another important responsibility: remaining resonance-free, so the sound quality stays untainted. With their titanium shells, Flare PRO Earphones employ critical Anti-Resonance Technology to keep the sound they reproduce clean and unadulterated. This technology ensures that there are no extra sound artifacts added due to unwanted resonance in the housing or internal components. The sound you hear remains faithful and free from coloration.

Dual Jet and Acoustic Lens Technology

Flares PRO uses Dual Jet technology to deliver precisely-balanced sound for an outstanding listening experience. Dual Jet technology is a new innovation made possible thanks to precise control over the air pressure both in front of and behind the speakers. This ability to alter the air pressure allows for masterful manipulation of the way sound enters the ear. With Dual Jet technology, sound can be channeled into the ear canal with just the perfect amount of force. The result is exactingly-balanced and articulate sound.

Complimenting this Dual Jet functionality is Flare Audio's Acoustic Lens technology, which ensures that all the powerful sound the jets can output is focused perfectly, for maximum effect. The acoustic waves are directed exactly where they are needed, carrying sound to your eardrums with truly impressive accuracy. With the Dual Jets artfully balancing the sound and the Acoustic Lens delivering it with nigh-surgical precision, the Flares PRO is sure to impress.

PRO Connections, Professional Details

Every detail of Flare's PRO model earphones is deliberate. The PRO MMCX connections are carefully balanced and allow for you to switch easily between wireless and wired listening modes. You can use the wireless DAC with its balanced class A-B outputs to take advantage of the best quality audio, without crosstalk interference. The copper cable is oxygen-free. The MMCX professional connectors are gold-plated, and so is the standard 3.5mm audio jack plug. The polyaramid cable's stress points have been reinforced, and the cable itself has been stress-tested for performance and durability.

Flares PRO Earphones and Accessories 
What's in the Box
  • Flares PRO Earphones
  • Everyday Earfoams (multiple sizes)
  • Audiophile Earfoams (multiple sizes)
  • Universal Earfoams (multiple sizes)
  • Flares PRO Wireless DAC
  • USB to Micro USB Charger Cable
  • Flares PRO Carry Case

Tech Specs

  • Bluetooth® Version 4.1 w/ 15m Range
  • Gold-Plated MMCX Professional Connectors
  • 12hr Playback Time | 2hr Charge Time | 150hr Standby Time
  • HFP HSP A2DP AVRCP APT-X Compatible
  • USB to Micro USB Charger Cable
  • Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
  • 2.4V / 170mAH Rechargeable
  • 48/96KHz 16-bit
  • Balanced Class A-B Outputs
  • In-Line Button Controls

With superior sound quality, accurate delivery, noise isolation, and wireless performance, the Flare PRO can bring you a listening experience that feels so pure, you'll fall in love with your music all over again.

Flare Audio Flares PRO Wireless Titanium Earphones - Free Shipping!
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