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Flare Audio Flares JET 2 Aluminum Earphones - FREE SHIPPING

Flare Audio Flares JET 2 Aluminum Earphones - FREE SHIPPING

Flare Audio Flares JET 2 Aluminum Earphones - FREE SHIPPINGFlare Audio Flares JET 2 Aluminum Earphones - FREE SHIPPINGFlare Audio Flares JET 2 Aluminum Earphones - FREE SHIPPINGFlare Audio Flares JET 2 Aluminum Earphones - FREE SHIPPING
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Flares JET 2 Aluminum Earphones - X-Ray Hearing

Flares JET Aluminum Earphones ReviewFlares JET 2 Earphones pair a precision-machined aerospace aluminum body with revolutionary jet technology that projects focused sound directly into the ears. This patent-pending technology makes it possible to hear all the little auditory details you may have missed with other earphones, letting you fall in love with your favorite music all over again. That rich, nuanced sound is further enhanced by the Jet 1's sound isolation, which helps block outside noise for a clearer listening experience. Flares JET Earphones are so good, they've been compared to having x-ray hearing. The difference an excellent set of earphones can make is incredible.

JET 2 Earphones are housed in a precision-turned aerospace aluminum body with a stylish machined silver finish. The JET 1, featuring high tensile polymer material with a sleek black finish, is also available. Aside from this material difference, the JET 1 and JET 2 are otherwise identical.

The Revolutionary Technology Behind Flares JET Earphones

Flares JET Earphones use highly innovative sound technology to enhance the way sound enters the ear. The key lies in careful pressure balancing. Jet technology allows control over the air pressure both in front of the driver and behind it. With that kind of precise control, pressure can be built up and deliberately released, or harnessed to optimize output. JET leverages that capability to maximize the front output of the earphones, meaning every bit of gorgeous audio detail the JET's high-quality drivers can produce will be channeled right into your ear canals. Almost nothing is lost as the sound translates from the earphones to your ear drums, and the result is clear, robust, high-fidelity sound that will take your listening experience to the next level.

Deep Bass + Sound Isolation = Immersive Audio

Because JET Earphones deliver sound so effectively, the bass these earbuds can provide is truly outstanding. Sound is precisely pressurized across the frequencies, which pumps up the bass while simultaneously bringing out subtle hints and details you may have completely missed out on before. And when you throw sound isolation into the mix, the difference between JET and an ordinary pair of headphones is truly vast. With JET earbuds in your ears, external sound is blocked out. Outside noise cannot very effectively penetrate the dense bodies of the earphones and the flexible silicone ear tips that keep them seated in your ears. The result is even further enhanced sound, including that driving bass. While listening to JET, the background noise around you will seem to fade away - and your ears will be full of uninterrupted, distortion-free sound.

JET Earphones enormously enhance sound quality across all frequencies. So while the bass is certainly powerful, Flares JET can dramatically improve your auditory experience whether you're listening to indie, hip-hop, country, metal, sports, audio books, or your favorite podcasts.

Flare JET 2 Aluminum EarphonesMaterials, Style, and Extra Features

JET Earphones are also stylish, with a unique look. The JET 1 is precision-machined out of high tensile polymer material with a satin black finish, for an understated, modern, and classy look. The JET 2 is similarly precision-turned out of aerospace aluminum, with a sleek, machined finish.

There are a few more classy touches that demonstrate how much thought and care go into Flares JET Earphones. They have microphone capabilities with a simple controller, so you can use them for calling and talk. They come with three sizes of flexible silicone ear tips so you can find the right fit, so these universal-fit earphones will stay in and stay comfortable. (Other eartips are available separately, so you can experiment with other earfeels if you're interested@) Even the standard 3.5mm plug is gold plated for superior connectivity.

Includes one pair of earphones, three pairs of silicone ear tips (sizes small, medium, and large), and one attractive Flares JET Carry Pouch with drawstring for safe storage and transportation. Zipper case (shown left) not included.

Flare JET 2 Earphone Technical Specifications
  • Innovative jet technology for superior sound
  • Precision-turned aerospace aluminum
  • In-line mic with controller
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack plug
  • Cable Length: 1.15m
  • Driver Diameter: 10mm
  • Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
  • Driver Sensitivity: 93dB/1mW

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