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Flare Audio ISOLATE Special Edition Rhodium-Plated Solid Metal Ear Plugs (SNR 36)

Flare Audio ISOLATE Special Edition Rhodium-Plated Solid Metal Ear Plugs (SNR 36)

Flare Audio ISOLATE Special Edition Rhodium-Plated Solid Metal Ear Plugs (SNR 36)Flare Audio ISOLATE Special Edition Rhodium-Plated Solid Metal Ear Plugs (SNR 36)
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Flare Audio ISOLATE PRO Ear Plugs - Long Live Ears!The metal ear protectors that took Kickstarter by storm are now available in Special Edition Gold-Plated and Rhodium-Plated models!

Flare Audio's ISOLATE metal ear plugs have blown music lovers away since their enormous crowdfunding success on kickstarter. Using solid metal to block all sound that isn't delivered via bone transmission, ISOLATE ear plugs preserve the nuance and auditory detail in music and voices, while keeping harmful levels of noise out of your ears. With ISOLATE, the hearing protection that keeps your ears from ringing won't distort the music or diminish the sound quality. These top-shelf metal ear plugs are the only hearing protector of their kind, and the positive response has been overwhelming.

Now we're proud to introduce Flare's new ISOLATE Special Edition Gold-Plated and Rhodium-Plated metal ear plugs. Choose tasteful, timeless 24-carat Gold, or truly pamper yourself and choose the rarest metal in the world, Rhodium. Treat your ears to the most luxurious hearing protection of all with ISOLATE Special Edition, plated in rare and precious metals.

Please Note: ISOLATE Special Edition ear plugs are a bespoke product, and because these are made to order, delivery times will be a little longer. Please contact us if you need more information.

ISOLATE Special Edition Solid Metal Ear Protectors - Features
  • Provides hearing protection, prevents hearing damage
  • Reduces noise levels, allowing you to hear details clearly via bone conduction
  • Low-profile design is perfect for concerts, clubs, and festivals
  • Comes with three pairs of EARFOAMS ear tips: small, medium, and large
  • Crowdfunded with overwhelming success on Kickstarter
  • Special Edition with precious metals
  • SNR 36 protection from noise
The Science Behind ISOLATE

ISOLATE Special Edition Ear ProtectorsAnyone who has had to deal with ringing ears the morning after a concert already knows too much noise is bad for your ears. Over time, the damage builds up. The end result is noise-induced hearing loss, and it's permanent. So keeping yourself from absorbing too much volume at concerts and music fesivals is critical. That's where ear plugs come in - but traditional ear plugs can muffle sound, making you feel distanced and closed-off from the music you love.

ISOLATE leaves that problem in the dust, using solid metal - and science - to keep your hearing clear. Here's how it works.

When you wear ISOLATE ear plugs, all sound entering the ear canals is blocked. The patent-pending solid metal core of ISOLATE won't conduct sound, period: the metal is too dense for sound waves to penetrate. Instead, sound is reflected away, creating a sonic barrier that prevents all direct noise from entering the ears.

In fact, the only way sound can travel to your ears with ISOLATE ear plugs in them is via bone conduction! Even when your ear canals are completely blocked, sound still travels through the bones in your skull and into your inner ears. ISOLATE actually harnesses your own body's sound conduction capabilities, allowing you to hear safely with more definition.

Wearing ISOLATE, what you hear is balanced and detailed sound, delivered via bone conduction, while your ears stay protected from dangerously loud noise. You'll still be able to hear every voice, every instrument, and every note. And with ISOLATE Special Edition, you'll be safely enjoying your favorite music in unparalleled luxury and style.

Manufactured in new Zealand.

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