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Etymotic MusicPRO™ MP 9-15 High-Definition Electronic Musicians Ear Plugs

Etymotic MusicPRO MP 9-15 High-Definition Electronic Musicians Ear Plugs

Etymotic MusicPRO MP 9-15 High-Definition Electronic Musicians Ear PlugsEtymotic MusicPRO MP 9-15 High-Definition Electronic Musicians Ear PlugsEtymotic MusicPRO MP 9-15 High-Definition Electronic Musicians Ear PlugsEtymotic MusicPRO MP 9-15 High-Definition Electronic Musicians Ear Plugs
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Etymotic MusicPro™ Electronic Musician's Ear Plugs bring innovative technology to one of the places it's needed most: the music scene.

These cutting-edge electronic ear plugs don't just block sound. They allow you to experience sound in a whole new way, with active attenuation and dual-mode protection you can change up on the fly. Unlike normal ear plugs, MusicPro™ Electronic High-Definition Musician's Ear Plugs are designed to let you hear naturally -- and with the flip of a switch, even amplify quiet sounds around you, so you can actually hear those pianissimos more clearly than ever before while wearing your ear plugs.

When a dangerously loud noise occurs, the Etymotic MusicPro™, aka the Etymotic MP 9-15, takes action: either 9dB or 15dB (depending on the mode to which you've got the ear plugs set) of protection kicks in automatically, protecting your ears from that potential -- and permanent -- hearing damage. And once you have these in your ears, you don't have to do a thing. When the sound levels around you are safe, you hear naturally; when the sound levels spike (think: a sudden percussive cymbal strike), the protection kicks in all by itself. That means you can focus on the music without worrying about your hearing. Too, natural hearing means you get better situational awareness and clear hearing without having to remove your ear plugs, and knowing what's going on around you -- especially if you're at a live show, where the scene can get very intense very quickly -- is just one more no-hassle way to stay safe.

MusicPro™ Electronic plugs let you pop your hearing protection in and then forget about it while you enjoy your music, whether you're in the crowd, on the stage, or just playing with friends. The electronic ear plugs will literally listen to your auditory environment and take care of the safety and protection for you. And for those seeking a truly superior listening experience, the high note of these new electronic ear plugs is their Dual-Mode switch. You can simply flip a switch on each ear plug to toggle between two different modes of smart hearing protection... all without ever needing to take the ear plugs out of your ears. This is a musician's ear plug that truly lets you put the music first -- without sacrificing one of your most important assets, your hearing. Ideal for musicians, concert-goers, directors and music educators, other stage performers, stage crews, venue staff, security personnel, music students, and more. If music is a big part of your life, then the MusicPro™ might very well be be the perfect protection for your unique ears.

Etymotic MusicPro FeaturesEtymotic MusicPro Dual Mode Electronic Musician's Ear Plugs

The Etymotic MusicPro™ offers two modes of hearing protection:

  • In Natural Hearing with 15-dB Sound Mode, the MusicPro™ allows for natural hearing when the sound levels around you are safe. This means you can hear sounds naturally and communicate clearly. However, when the background noise (like the roar of the crowd waiting for the band to come on stage) exceeds safe levels, 15dB of noise reduction automatically and gradually activates to protect you from those constant, hearing-eroding noises. And both modes provide near-instant 15dB protection from sudden impact noises. That means if your drummer decides to kick his set over mid song or the girl next to you in the crowd suddenly starts screaming bloody murder, you're covered -- and the rest of the time, you can hear like you would if you weren't wearing any ear plugs at all.
  • In Enhanced Hearing with 9dB Sound Mode, impact noise protection still kicks in when a sudden, loud impact noise occurs. But the major advantage of the 9dB mode is the hearing enhancement it provides: the MusicPro™ actually amplifies quiet noises, so you can hear quiet details and nuances like never before! This amplification also makes it easier to hear distant voices and a whole range of other safe, quiet ambient sounds. With these two modes to choose from, you can select the type of hearing protection (or enhancement) to perfectly suit your auditory environment on the fly, from the club to the concert hall.

The Etymotic MusicPro™ uses only the best electronics. That means high-definition transducers: balanced-armature drivers, high-sensitivity microphones, and wide-dynamic-range-compression K·AMP® signal processing that includes adaptive compression circuitry. The bandwidth (40 Hz - 15 kHz) is unprecedented, and the sound is absolutely the best quality provided by any digital hearing enhancement device available today, period.

Etymotic MusicPro™ High-Definition Electronic Musician's Ear Plugs come with a good assortment of medical-grade ACCU·Fit™ ear tips so you can get an effective seal and comfortable fit. One #10 hearing aid battery in each ear plug (included) provides about 300 hours of continuous use.

Etymotic MusicPRO™ MP 9-15 High-Definition Electronic Musicians Ear Plug features:

  • Hearing enhancement
  • Two modes of hearing protection
  • Automatic hearing protection when
    background noise exceeds safe levels
  • Clear, natural hearing with no distortion
  • Smart, automatic adaptive compression
  • Enhanced and amplified listening to suit
    nuanced music and quiet venues
  • Switch between modes on the fly
  • Truly high-definition sound quality
  • Automatic set-it-and-forget-it electronic
  • Choice of 9dB or 15dB hearing protection
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • ACCU·Technology™

What you'll find in the box:

  • 1 pair MusicPro™ electronic earplugs
  • Assortment of medical-grade ACCU·Fit™ ear tips
  • Flexible neck cord
  • Filter tool and ACCU·Filters™
  • Cleaning brush tool
  • Batteries (#10 hearing aid)
  • Protective case
  • User manual

Etymotic MusicPro Technical Specifications for All Modes


MusicPro won the Safe-in-Sound Award for Innovation in Hearing Loss Prevention!

The Etymotic MusicPro™ Electronic High Definition Musician's Ear Plug is actually quite similar to three other new models of electronic ear plugs from Etymotic: the GSP-1, GSP-15, and the HD-15. The difference is that the HD-15 is optimized for workers, while the GSP series is designed for hunters and shooters. All three models of these cutting-edge electronic ear plugs from Etymotic employ similar technology and implement the Dual-Mode Switch system. The MusicPro, however, is the only electronic ear plug designed and fine-tuned especially for musicians. If you're serious about live music -- whether it's marching in your high school band, playing gigs around town, jamming with your buddies, or seeing your favorite band play while you're crammed up against the front row barricades -- the MusicPro™ really will be music to your ears.

Etymotic MusicPRO MP 9-15 High-Definition Electronic Musicians Ear Plugs
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