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Etymotic Home Hearing Test

Etymotic Home Hearing Test

Etymotic Home Hearing TestEtymotic Home Hearing TestEtymotic Home Hearing Test
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Etymotic Home Hearing TestEtymotic Home Hearing Test Overview
  • Test your hearing at home or in non-traditional medical settings
  • Pre-calibrated hardware provides accurate, complete results
  • Printable reports are conveniently stored on your computer
  • An affordable, reusable, and easy-to-use solution
  • Tested on hundreds of patients, approved by experts

Etymotic Home Hearing Test Details

The Etymotic Home Hearing Test makes it possible to accurately check your hearing outside of a workplace or medical environment. Home hearing tests offer many benefits: they are convenient and stress-free to perform, they allow you to access quick answers about your health status and risks, and they provide significant cost savings. Tested on hundreds of patients and approved by a panel of practicing audiologists, the Etymotic Home Hearing Test provides accurate and reliable results at home.

The Etymotic HHT takes the guesswork out of conducting a hearing test outside of a medical setting, so you know for sure when a visit to an audiologist is recommended. Today, many hearing tests are available via apps and websites, ranging from surveys and questionnaires, to listening tests you can conduct on your phone or computer. But these are often unreliable: earphones and sound cards can vary a lot in terms of how much sound they produce, and that makes it a problem to get accurate results. Etymotic's answer is to combine a carefully calibrated set of high-quality earphones with a precision-matched USB sound card. This is a new type of at-home testing, and it can deliver the correct results every time.

Etymotic's Home Hearing Test makes the entire hearing test process simple. The software is easy to install and runs on Windows; just plug the included flash drive into an open USB port to get started. The test itself has clear, uncomplicated instructions. When testing is complete, the audiogram test results are stored on your computer in PDF format, and the reports are printable.

This is the same kind of test that hearing professionals administer, testing pure tones up to 8000 Hz. The Home Hearing Test is the result of research, a government grant, hundreds of hearing tests, and the work of an expert panel of audiologists and hearing scientists. With the Etymotic Home Hearing Test, you do not have to settle for a shallow survey or questionable results from an app to check your hearing at home. Now you can find out right away if you need to get checked out by a licensed hearing professional, so you can be proactive about your own hearing health.

You can use the HHT to check your hearing if you are afraid you may have hearing loss, or to establish a baseline so you can track your hearing over time. Any time you are exposed to hazardously loud noise, you can check your hearing afterward - think concerts, shooting sports, power tools, etc. Have you ever wondered if that ringing in your ears might be hearing loss? Well, now you can find out for yourself. And if your daily job involves a high amount of noise exposure, checking on your own hearing often just makes good sense. Your health shouldn't be a mystery.

Package Includes
  • USB flash drive (auto-installs the software)
  • Calibrated high-quality earphones
  • Precision-matched sound card
  • Specially-designed eartips
  • QuickStart instructions
  • Information booklet
Software System Requirements

You must have a Windows PC with all of the following:
  • Windows XP SP3; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; or Windows 10
  • 1GB RAM
  • 250 MB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Available USB Port
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

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