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Etymotic Ety-Kids EK5 Safe Listening Earphones for Kids

Etymotic Ety-Kids EK5 Safe Listening Earphones for Kids

Etymotic Ety-Kids EK5 Safe Listening Earphones for KidsEtymotic Ety-Kids EK5 Safe Listening Earphones for Kids
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Ety-Kids EK5 Safe Listening Earphones make it easy for you to let your kid listen to music, movies, and video games with high definition sound -- without ever having to worry about your child's hearing heath.

With Ety-Kids, you know your child's hearing is safe. Ety-Kids Earphones include a built-in volume limiting system that prevents sound from reaching dangerous levels, even when the volume on your child's phone, tablet, or other device is turned all the way up. With Ety-Kids Earphones, your child can safely listen for up to four hours per day at maximum volume (and even longer at lower volumes!). And because Ety-Kids feature a set of great-fitting ear tips to ensure a comfortable fit and help block outside noises, your kid won't need to crank up the volume to hear clearly.

Ety-Kids don't sacrifice sound for safety, either. These earphones for kids deliver high-definition audio with clear and detailed sound -- some of the very best quality sound you can find in an earphone designed for children (these beat out many earphones for adults!). That means your kid can really get the most out of his or her favorite movies, music, and games on a wide variety of devices, from smart phones and tablets to computers and gaming systems. Unlike other child earphones, Ety-Kids earphones deliver that great hi-fi sound and still keep your child's ears safe for hours and hours of listening -- so you can rest easy knowing your child is enjoying the best in music, movies, and more, all without causing any hearing damage to those delicate little ears.

(For the same great earphones with smart phone functionality, an in-line mic, and 3-button in-line controls, check out the smart phone headset version: Ety-Kids EK3.)

Watch the video to learn more about Ety-Kids earphones and for critical information about the new Awareness app designed to teach kids about sound isolation and situational awareness. The Awareness app is free with the purchase of Ety-Kids earphones.

Etymotic Ety-Kids EK5 Earphones are designed for all Apple iOS devices and also fits all standard 3.5mm headphone jacks (other smart phones, tablets, computers, portable music players, hand-held gaming systems, and more).

Ety-Kids EK5 Safe Listening Earphones for Kids Features:
  • Automatic built-in volume limiter for safe listening
  • Clear, detailed high-definition sound quality
  • Smart-Fit earphone tips ensure a great fit for smaller ears
  • Great for ages 4+ (even adults!)

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