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EquiFit Equine T-Foam Horse Ear Plugs (One Pair)

EquiFit Equine T-Foam Horse Ear Plugs (One Pair)

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Equifit Equine T-Foam Horse ear plugs are made from the same kind of foam used to make human ear plugs for maximum effectiveness and long duration comfort. The Equifit T-Foam is thermo reactive, meaning it softens with body heat, becoming more comfortable as it warms. Note: If the ear plugs are very stiff in cold weather, warm them in your hands to soften them before you roll and insert them.

Equifit equine ear plugs are simple to use. First, roll the plug between your palms, slowly increasing the pressure until you have a very firm cylinder, roughly half the original size of the foam ear plug. Quickly insert the compressed ear plug well down in the ear canal and hold it in place until it has expanded to fit snugly, filling the ear canal opening. If the rolled up ear plug is too large to fit, simply trim a bit off the plug with a knife or scissors, then try it again, and repeat as needed to get a good fit.

Available in Black and Brown, in single pairs or a counter top dispenser with 42 pairs.

Equifit Equine ear plugs are recommended for all riding events where permitted, to help your horse remain focused on the task at hand. These very effective ear plugs are especially recommended for all ride and shoot events to help protect your horse's hearing from muzzle blast noise.

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