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Elvex ProGuard™ CU-30R Forestry Headgear for Professionals (NRR 25)

Elvex ProGuard CU-30R Forestry Headgear for Professionals (NRR 25)

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Designed for pros, the Elvex ProGuard CU-30R is a forestry kit designed for quality, reliability, and durability. Features the following components:

  • ProGuard™ Six-Point Ratchet Adjustable Suspension Non-Vented Cap - with nylon webbing for secure fit, balanced to be ideal for full-time users seeking a comfortable fit. Attractive orange color ensures visibility. Tectra Safety Cap Meets Class E, G & C Requirements.

  • Cap-Mounted Earmuffs - black earmuff earcups (HM-2030) provide stylish NRR 25 protection from hazardous noise. Earmuffs are low-profile, adjustable, and effective.

  • Visor Bracket & Nylon Mesh Visor - Visor Bracket (VB-30) and a nylon mesh visor (NV-70) provide secure and rugged protection from wood chips and all sorts of other debris. Bracket allows visor to rotate into up/down positions for convenience.

When it comes to professional logger's helmets and comprehensive forestry kit headgear, the Elvex ProGuard™ CU-30R gets the job done with style and comfort in a rugged and sensible design any pro will appreciate.

Elvex ProGuard CU-30R Forestry Headgear for Professionals (NRR 25)
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