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Elvex Impulse Level Dependent Mil-Spec Com-655 Electronic Headband Model Ear Muffs (NRR 25)

Elvex Impulse Level Dependent Mil-Spec Com-655 Electronic Headband Model Ear Muffs (NRR 25)

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Elvex Impulse Level Dependent Mil-Spec Com-655 Electronic Headband Model Earmuffs are designed specifically to allow comfortable and clear face to face communications in industrial environments where constant background noise is not only a threat to the workers' hearing but also interferes with the ability of the workers to communicate.

Impulse Com-655 brings a terrific solution for the complicated communications challenges of the extremely loud industrial environment. Impulse Com-655 provides NRR 25 ear muff protection, while amplifying softer sounds such as voices.

This selective amplification of voices is accomplished in extreme noise situations by the amplifier rejecting all the sounds at or below 400 Hz as well as all the sounds at or above 4000 Hz. The remaining frequencies are thereby isolated and amplified up to the internal limit of 82 dB. Virtually all human speech occurs in the 400-4000 Hz range, so by rejecting everything above and below the range of human speech, most of the extreme noise is avoided, while speech is amplified. This technology is not perfect, but will provide an excellent solution for even the most challenging industrial environments.

In addition to the selective amplification of the human voice frequency range "sweet spot," Impulse Com-655 provides impulse noise protection by compressing dangerously loud sounds such as made by industrial machinery and equipment. The sound compression technology used retains virtually all the sounds the user hears, but limited to a safe volume of 82 dB. As a result the user is protected, but still has complete situational awareness, via the two directional microphones on the headset. He can hear everything around him, with the voices amplified relative to the other ambient noises, and still remain fully protected at all times.

Impulse Com-655 includes a standard 3.5mm input jack so the user can listen to a two-way radio (listen only.) The sound from the external device is heard along with the internal amplified sound from the environment.

NOTE: If your environment produces dangerous noise levels below 400 Hz we recommend that you consider an active noise canceling solution instead of the Impulse Com-655.

Elvex Impulse Com-655 Electronic Ear Muff Features and Specifications:

  • 25 NRR
  • Sound compression amplifier boosts voices while suppressing dangerously loud sounds so you hear everything at a comfortable, crystal clear, safe volume level.
  • Dangerous level impulse noises are compressed to a maximum safe volume level of 82 dB.
  • Two external microphones provide accurate stereophonic directional listening
  • Internal gain is limited to 82 dB, for safe listening for extended periods
  • 3.5mm standard stereo input jack lets you connect to a radio (listen only) or music source including iPods. The input signal is heard along with the ambient sound from the internal amplifier (cable not included.)
  • Comfortable Padded Standard Headband
  • Comfortable replaceable ear pads
  • Power is via two AAA batteries (included.)
  • Battery life is up to 175 hours, depending on volume settings.
  • Auto turn-off after 4 hours to conserve power during non-use.

Item No: eevleveldpn655ea-000