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Elvex Guide Communications System Two-Way Short Range Headset (NRR 22)

Elvex Guide Communications System Two-Way Short Range Headset (NRR 22)

Elvex Guide Communications System Two-Way Short Range Headset (NRR 22)Elvex Guide Communications System Two-Way Short Range Headset (NRR 22)
This item has been discontinued. See our 2-Way Communication Earmuffs for an alternative.

Elvex Guide Communications System offers an effective and economical way for work teams, as well as training and tour groups to communicate easily in high noise environments up to 107 dB, while remaining fully protected from the dangerously loud noise. The Guide system includes three components:
  1. a two-way communications headset (transceiver)
  2. a receive only headset
  3. a hand-held microphone
-- each sold separately.

This is the Two-Way Communications Headset component of the Elvex Guide system.

Learn About the Whole Elvex Guide System:

Elvex Guide Communications System: Two-Way Communications Headset

The two-way headset features a self-contained short-range FM radio with a maximum transmission range of 75 feet and a voice activated noise canceling boom mic. The two-way headset has three selectable channels to allow up to three groups to communicate separately without interference. Just choose the same channel on all headsets that you need to communicate with each other and start talking. the voice activated microphone means no buttons to push, allowing you to communicate while your hands are busy doing other things.

The two-way headset offers a real value for small teams who need to communicate in noisy environments. Recommended for maintenance crews on drilling platforms, factories, lumber operations and more. Just get these headsets without the other Guide system components.

For factory tours, equipping all group members with two-way headsets will enable all the members to communicate with each other. For a more economical solution, you can equip the group leader with a two-way headset and group members with a receive only headset. Members can then all hear what the leader has to say, and also speak with other members and the group leader by using the optional hand-held microphone described below.

Elvex Guide Communications System: Receive-Only Communications Headset

The receive-only headset lets tour or training group members clearly hear everything the group leader says in high noise environments at distances up to 75 feet while all members' hearing remains fully protected in high noise environments up to 107 dB. If group members need to communicate, the leader can provide a hand-held microphone for their use. (NOTE: Building walls and machinery may significantly reduce the effective transmission distance.)

Elvex Guide Communications System: Hand-Held Microphone

The hand-held microphone uses noise canceling technology to reject the high ambient noise so that the sender's voice can be clearly heard by other group members even in very loud environments. The mic can be passed around as needed, providing a more cost effective alternative to equipping all the group members with two-way headsets.

Elvex Guide Communications System Features and Benefits:

  • Modular wireless communications system lets you choose just the components you need for your application.
  • All components are designed to support safe and effective communications in ambient noise environments up to 107 dB.
  • All components support three channel selections so that up to three groups can communicate separately without interference from other groups in the same area.
  • Fully adjustable padded headbands fit anyone comfortably.
  • Headsets are available in standard headband or hardhat models.
  • All components are powered by standard AA batteries.
  • Two-Way headset and the hand-held mic have a battery life of approximately 4-10 hours; Receive-only headset has a battery life of up to 40 hours. Batteries are included.
  • Components have a low battery light indicator that provides approximately a 20 minute warning before battery exhaustion.

Tip: When using the Elvex Guide system for plant tours or training groups, we suggest using our inexpensive disposable ear muff covers so everyone gets to use a nice clean headset.

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