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Eardial Ear Plugs - Smart Earplugs for Live Music (NRR 11)

Eardial Ear Plugs - Smart Earplugs for Live Music (NRR 11)

Eardial Ear Plugs - Smart Earplugs for Live Music (NRR 11)Eardial Ear Plugs - Smart Earplugs for Live Music (NRR 11)Eardial Ear Plugs - Smart Earplugs for Live Music (NRR 11)Eardial Ear Plugs - Smart Earplugs for Live Music (NRR 11)
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Smart High-Fidelity Ear Plugs for Concerts

EarDial ear plugs arm you with everything you need to protect your hearing at concerts and other live music events, while still allowing you to experience high-fidelity hearing. EarDial lets you clearly hear voices and music while simultaneously taking enough of the edge off to protect you from noise-induced hearing damage. These plugs come with a free smart phone app to help you keep tabs on the ambient sound around you, so you actually know when your ears are at risk. And best of all, EarDial is nearly invisible, so you can use these ear plugs at the show without advertising that you're wearing them.

EarDial ear plugs help prevent ringing ears and noise-induced hearing loss. These are perfect for concert-goers and musicians, as well as for bartenders, bouncers, and venue staff.

Free Smart Phone App: How Long is it Safe to Stay?

How loud is too loud? Our whole world is noisy, so it can be hard to tell if the volume level around you is actually loud enough to pose a threat to your hearing. The EarDial app lets you see exactly how high the sound pressure levels around you are, so you know how much sound exposure you're getting. The longer you are exposed to a hazardously loud sound, the more your hearing is at risk. So the EarDial app tells you exactly how long you're safe to stay at the venue before your ears are in danger - and you can even compare the safe-to-stay times with and without the ear plugs in. This free app is available for both iOS and Android.

Clear, Distortion-Free, High-Fidelity Hearing

EarDial protects your hearing while still letting you hear rich, high-fidelity sound. This is a musician's ear plug, and that means it blocks sound evenly across the frequencies. A special high-fidelity noise filter attenuates the sound (20dB flat attenuation) without distorting it. Most ear plugs block more sound at some frequencies than others, badly coloring the sound you hear. But with EarDial, the sound that reaches your ears stays clear and never muffled. With EarDial, you can prevent ringing ears the next morning without diminishing the listening experience tonight.

EarDial provides a slim NRR 11 protection from sound. This is just enough noise attenuation to take the edge off of hazardous noise, while keeping your hearing safe. Note that this very light level of noise reduction is also perfect for studying, focusing on office work, and coping with noise sensitivity.

Invisible Low-Profile Ear Plugs

EarDial ear plugs have soft, flexible flanges made of hypoallergenic silicone that create a comfortable fit. While many silicone ear plugs are translucent, EarDial uses especially high-transparency material for the most discreet look possible. The silicone practically takes on the color of your skin. The earplugs themselves are so low profile, they almost seem to disappear - but an easy-to-grip pull tab ensures you'll still be able to remove them easily. You can now wear hearing protection to clubs and concerts without worrying that everyone will judge you. Whether you're trying to preserve your hearing or just want to be more comfortable when you're out with your friends, EarDial has you covered.

EarDial's flexible silicone material is highly resilient and washable. It keep bouncing back, wear after wear. The plugs also have a wax guard that prevents the filter from getting clogged up. A single pair of EarDial ear plugs can literally last for years.

Even the Carry Case is Clever

Don't forget the case. It's smart, just like everything else about EarDial. The compact aluminum carry case is less than half the size of the typical cylindrical aluminum ear plug case - and the EarDial case is also rounded on the ends, so it won't scratch up your other stuff when you toss it in your bag. The case also has a sturdy carabiner hook so you can clip it on anywhere. Alternatively, you can remove the claw clasp and just connect the case right to your keychain. You can always have your hearing protection with you - with zero hassle.

Support a Good Cause

On top of all their other outstanding features, EarDial also donates 5% of their profits to charities with a mission to preserve hearing, prevent noise-induced hearing loss, and protect against tinnitus. Past charities include Dangerous Decibels and Action on Hearing Loss. Thanks to EarDial, you can protect your hearing and support a good cause at the same time - that's two decisions you can feel good about.

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